Straight-Edge, Vegan Wedding in Stockholm

Maja Karlström

June 21, 2024

Isabella and Calle’s love story began with a shared passion for the punk and hardcore scene in Stockholm. Their paths first crossed digitally when Calle, unknowingly, checked Isabella’s Instagram story the day before the annual Edge Day show. Isabella, recognising his face from the scene, cheekily sent him a direct message, initiating a conversation that led to their first face-to-face meeting at the show the next day.

Their wedding, held at Tängsta Gård in Köping, was relaxed, fun and warm. “We wanted it to be like a fun summer party with all our favourite things and people”, Isabella told us. “Design and colour wise we were inspired by the wallpaper ‘Paradiset’, designed by Josef Frank. We were over all inspired by our home and love for mid-century Scandinavian design.”

Both being straight-edge, meant there was no alcohol, but that didn’t stop the party spirit. The day was also almost entirely vegan. The bride explains, “We debated whether to have a vegan wedding because we were concerned that some of our guests wouldn’t like it, but decided to go all in with a fine dining vegan caterer. We even had cheesecake as dessert (instead of cake) and grilled cheese as a night snack. We also had a bartender making mocktails!”

Music played a central role in their wedding too, with Isabella surprising Calle by booking one of his favourite artists, Jens Lekman, to perform during the ceremony. “I had to keep this a secret for over a year,” Isabella revealed. “Calle had no idea until Jens’s distinct voice filled the room as we walked in.” Jens performed a cover of The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun and two of his own songs.

The couple’s creativity shone through in their DIY projects which ranged from a record player guest book to customised place cards made from ceramic tile shards. String lights, flowers and handmade decorations transformed the venue into a beautiful space to dance the night away.

“It’s a cliché, but… It’s more work than you think”, Calle replied when asked about what they wish they’d known before starting to plan. “I’m glad we had two years of planning. It was a challenge staying within budget when our vision for the wedding was beyond what we had to spend!”

“During the last days before the wedding, we wish we would have stood our ground on things we had decided in beforehand. But overall there’s nothing we’d do differently, although we’d love to do it all over again!”