Whimsical, Pastel & Cottagecore Wedding on the Beach

Pink Wave Photography

March 1, 2024

Lucy and Alex are high school sweethearts from Yorkshire, who decided to marry on the beach in Cornwall. Inspired by their love of pastel shades and eco-conscious choices, their day had a picturesque setting, DIY details and reflected their values. They served mostly vegan food and every choice they could make to be more sustainable, they did!

Describing their theme as “All things whimsical, pastel and cottagecore,” they day was influenced by their life together and their home. “We wanted our wedding to feel like an extension of our home and ensure it had a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere,” Lucy shared. “We are both complete homebodies and wanted our wedding to be a reflection of that. The flowers we chose were also inspired by our own garden as a lot of them we grow in our backyard.”

The couple, both vegans, curated a nearly entirely plant-based menu. Their dedication to an eco-friendly lifestyle extended to their decor, with wildflower seeds as wedding favours, vintage glass jars for the pick & mix station and a wooden crate from their greenhouse used as their card box to reduce the use of plastic. “We ensured everything we bought for our reception could be reused and was made from eco-friendly materials,” Lucy explained. “We donated our glass jars to a local wedding venue so they will be reused and I’m currently looking into giving my dress to a wedding dress rental site so it can be enjoyed by other brides again and again.”

Both being quite introverted and tee-total, they didn’t want a big party vibe for their reception. Instead, Lucy changed into comfortable pyjamas and bunny slippers and they had a quiet playlist on in the background rather than a band or DJ. They hired a magician and casino for their entertainment which allowed people to just sit and have a chat or get involved if they wanted.

For those embarking on their own wedding planning journey, Lucy offers the following advice. “Don’t play into the pressure of having to ‘look your best’ or slim down for your wedding day. At the end of the day, it’s just one day and you’ll feel so happy you won’t even be thinking about what you look like. You don’t need to change anything about yourself or try and look more conventionally attractive to be a beautiful bride or groom – I had pink hair and tattoos and still felt extremely ‘bridal’ on my big day.”