A Punk Rock Party in Melbourne

Nikki McCrone Photography

June 11, 2024

Rachel and Kyle, from Melbourne, wanted their wedding to be more of a party than anything else, with a punk rock twist that truly reflected their personal style. Their day was filled with vegan food, anime projections (Dragon Ball Z, Ghost In The Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion) and head-banging to their favourite heavy music. The bride even changed into Crocs at the reception so she was super comfortable and ready to party!

They wanted an entirely vegan wedding and it was one of the key reasons they selected their venue, who did all the catering. “There were some pretty unhappy people when they found out everything was going to be vegan”, Rachel explained, “but ‘those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind!’”

Their registry office ceremony was short and simple. Rachel walked down the aisle to Clair de Lune by Flight Facilities. “We are not traditional and were keen to get the paperwork out of the way!” she said. One particularly special moment was signing their marriage certificate with Kyle’s late grandfather’s handmade pen.

The reception was a high-energy affair, with dancing and music at the forefront. “Our favourite moments were dancing with our guests,” Rachel recalled. “We had a sax player surprise our guests during our first dance.” Their entrance song, Punk Tactics by Joey Valence & Brae, set the tone for the night, while dancing with all their besties to Chop Suey! by System of a Down was a highlight. “Our guests said it was the first wedding they have ever rocked out like that at,” Rachel laughed. “We also smashed the formalities out early so that everyone could relax.”

There were a few notable projects this pair did which made their wedding feel very special. First of all, all the flowers. They estimate they saved over $3,000 by purchasing them from a local market and arranging them the day before. “It helped keep my mind busy the day before,” Rachel noted. Her dress was another personal project. She designed it herself and had a local dressmaker bring her vision to life. “The experience was great and I love that it is uniquely me!” she said. “I plan to dye and shorten the dress, so that I can wear it again and again!”

Rachel’s advice for other couples planning their wedding is simple: “Just be yourself. It’s the perfect day to express your love in the ways that are uniquely you – don’t worry about trends! Also, enjoy the journey. If you are staying somewhere the night of, try to book an additional night (or two) after the wedding; it’s the best feeling knowing you don’t have to leave so soon!”