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Bohemian Spanish Fiesta Wedding


Tipos Photo and Film

October 12, 2023

Brandon and Lottie, from the UK, married at their family's home in Spain. The wedding featured a piñata in the shape of a wedding cake, a best woman, a Harley Davidson and wedding 'merch' for their guests to collect. They handcrafted almost everything including 100 macramé chairs backs and the ceremony arch and all the faux flower arrangements. Oh, and the night ended the night with a bunch of fully dressed guests in the pool - doesn't get more rock 'n' roll than that!

Woodland Party Wedding with A Basketball Tournament, A Pop Up Tattoo Studio & the Bride in a Fuchsia Cape


The Richters

December 4, 2020

If Little Red Riding Hood was a Rock n Roll bride and got married in 2020, we're pretty sure her wedding would look a little something like this. Vero and Oscar (who were actually married pre-Covid in the summer of 2019) live in Barcelona and got married at Arborètum Mas Joan, a 12th century farmhouse where the owners' family has lived since 1710.

A Lana Del Rey Inspired Tenerife Vow Renewal


The McHendrys

June 12, 2020

When a wedding photographer decides to renew her vows, you KNOW the photos are going to be totally spectacular. Emma of Epic Love Story renewed her vows with husband Neil, and flew to Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife, which holds a special place in their hearts and relationship, to do so. They went on a group holiday together to Tenerife 10 years ago, which is where they both realised they wanted to be a bit more than friends!

Emotional Spanish Desert Elopement


The Quirky

July 2, 2019

Publishing real weddings is my favourite. I love to read their stories, hear all about their celebration and swoon over their creative ideas! So, when I first found out this was a shoot, and not a real elopement, I was a tad disappointed. However it turns out that models Aida and Ismeal are a real couple, and the emotions you see in these INCREDIBLE pictures are 100% real... even if they didn't officially get hitched. Good enough for me! These photos, by the super talented French photographic duo Beatrice and Jeremie aka The Quirky, are out-of-this-world stunning. Of course we had to publish them!!

Modern & Colourful Meets Industrial & Laid-Back Spanish Wedding

Sophie Cooke

María Mira

January 31, 2019

Laura and Bruno met in their home-town of Los Angeles, but Laura always knew she’d head back to her birth country of Spain to get married. “We were well aware that planning a wedding is a difficult task, even more so when you’re thousands of miles away!” she explained. “So the first decision we made was to hire a planner. We were so worried about the organisation, we decided to dedicate a portion of our €28,000 budget to hiring a professional to take care of all the worrying for us.” They hired Lorena of Eventos Clandestine to help them pull their destination wedding off without a hitch.

A Spanish Superhero Themed Wedding with a Belfast Music Hall Reception


Eloy Munoz

October 11, 2018

Jamie and Michael had two very different wedding celebrations -  a small family-focused event in the scorching heat in Malaga and a second a few weeks later, for all the rest of their friends and family back home in Belfast... in the rain! The two events couldn't be more different (the bride even changed her hair colour between the two!) but both felt completely right for them. After all, isn't that what being a Rock n Roll bride is all about?

Gothic Funeral Vow Renewal in a Spanish Monastery

Rachel Webb

People True Love Tellers

November 21, 2017

Andrea and Gabbi met in a job interview (Gabbi interviewed Andrea for a position on the film Shrek!), while living in San Francisco. They fell in love and were married in Sayulita, Mexico in May 2004. In fact they loved it so much they have now lived there for over 11 years! They decided to renew their vows on their 13th wedding anniversary and wanted the celebration to have a dark, gothic, funeral theme. There were just four of them in attendance: The couple and their two children. They also had their friend Jan who performed the ceremony and People True Love Tellers who took the photos and created the video.