Music-Focused Wedding in Spain with a Bohemian Vibe


June 30, 2017

Julia and Noel met in 2006 when Julia was living in Seville and Noel had a band based in Barcelona. The band were on tour and Julia went to see them and then they met after the show. Since it was music that brought them together, it naturally played a big part in their wedding, which they described as a being “a little Rock n Roll with a bohemian vibe.”

“Music was such a big focus for us”, began the bride. “We recorded a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph at Noel’s studio which we played this during a slideshow of pictures for our family. We danced to a pre-recorded acoustic version that Noel did of All the Small Things by Blink182. All our friends sang along to it and it was pretty special. Noel also surprised our guests with a live band show with some of his friends right after our first dance during which we both crowd-surfed and I sang live with him, both of which were a first time for me!”

Their wedding ceremony was held in the woods, surrounded by friends and family. “We had very emotional speeches by Noel’s sister and by my aunt and godmother, who even quoted Noel’s lyrics and made us all cry. Our little nephew was the ring bearer, walking down the aisle with our brother in law to the Lord of the Rings theme. We both wrote our own vows and walked out the ceremony to the breakdown part of Fix You.

For DIY projects they made their seating plan and wedding favours. “ To suit the festival vibe we had lanyards with our favourite band names for our seating plan. Each table was matched with a small vinyl with the same band name. We’d bought the vinyl records for the tables from a vintage market and added the band logos, since most of these bands do not have these vinyls out. We also recorded vinyl-looking-CDs with a soundtrack of our wedding plus a cover recorded by us as favours, designed guitar picks with our wedding logo for each for the guests and also designed sunglasses and distributed coloured umbrellas during the reception.”

Their favourite part of the wedding day, for both of them, was the live music. “We both agree that the best part was the live show”, she explained. “Everybody had a blast, it sounded great and it was like a huge party.”

“The best thing about planning our wedding was coming up with ideas together from day one and creating something that was truly ours, it was amazing. We both put our heart into it and I think it showed in the end.”

“Our advice for future brides and grooms is do what you want to do with your wedding. Forget about protocols if you don’t like them, play the songs you want regardless and just have fun. It’s a celebration of your love and your family and friends will cherish that no matter what you do, so make sure you enjoy yourselves! Also, regardless of how much time ahead you start to plan, the last two weeks will be hectic and it will feel like you haven’t done anything yet!”