A Story of Flowers: The 2019 Collection from Javier Quintela Atelier

Boquerón á Feira

February 19, 2019

GET READY because you are able to be presented with an almost unhealthy level of serious bridal gorgeousness by way of Spanish designer Javier Quintela Atelier and photographer Boquerón á Feira.

This shoot, organised to launch Javier Quintela’s 2019 collection, was inspired by flowers – the scent, the emotion and the beauty of them. The editorial is surprisingly simple yet incredibly striking, letting the clothing take centre stage.

“We hope this shoot will inspire a 21th century bride,”, they say, “a woman who wants to be herself at her wedding day. An classy and elegant bride but with a Rock n Roll touch, who appreciates details and quality fabrics.”

“We did not want to do the typical catalogue (look book) or a usual styled shoot. We had no doubts that we wanted to convey the spirit of the 60s, it is reflected in every look with make up and accessories.”

UGH, stunning, I can’t even cope! How incredible is literally EVERYTHING about this?