Woodland Party Wedding with A Basketball Tournament, A Pop Up Tattoo Studio & the Bride in a Fuchsia Cape

The Richters

December 4, 2020

If Little Red Riding Hood was a Rock n Roll bride and got married in 2020, we’re pretty sure her wedding would look a little something like this. Vero and Oscar (who were actually married pre-Covid in the summer of 2019) live in Barcelona and got married at Arborètum Mas Joan, a 12th century farmhouse where the owners’ family has lived since 1710.

Surrounded by the tallest trees in Catalonia, the couple hosted their wedding entirely on their own terms and complete with a basketball tournament, a pop up tattoo studio, painting activities for the kids and a football table to keep everyone entertained. For catering they had food trucks each covering some of their favourite counties and cuisines (Italian, Japanese, Indian and Spanish).

Both nature lovers, their ceremony was held beneath the trees. They stood on petals arranged in a circular shape while their loved ones circled around them. “We had two ceremonies in fact”, the bride told us. “The official one because it was mandatory and took only 10 mins, and the spiritual one where we shared all our love with the guests and tried to lay the groundwork of the wedding (the love is the engine of the world, take care of the environment, etc.)”

One of their favourite memories of the day (apart from the ceremony of course) was getting tattooed. They also loved that some of their guests joined in too! “We were surprised that all of Vero’s co-workers got tattooed for the first time with the same tattoo we designed as our ‘ring’ (their husbands got very shocked about that!)”

However, overall, the best part of their wedding for them was just how much they could make it their own. The bride explains, “We did a brainstorming exercise together with our wedding planners from the beginning to the end of the wedding. In order to materialise our dreams, we customised everything. Most wedding venues may give you a few options but the main structure of the wedding is already predefined. In our case we decided everything about it which gave us a lot of flexibility to do only what we really liked.”

“Having such a large amount of possibilities to select can be a blessing and a nightmare at the same time. At times it was very difficult having to select only some of them! We are very grateful for all the support received from the wedding planners and all the other professionals involved.”