A Lana Del Rey Inspired Tenerife Vow Renewal

The McHendrys

June 12, 2020

When a wedding photographer decides to renew her vows, you KNOW the photos are going to be totally spectacular. Emma of Epic Love Story renewed her vows with husband Neil, and flew to Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife, which holds a special place in their hearts and relationship, to do so. They went on a group holiday together to Tenerife 10 years ago, which is where they both realised they wanted to be a bit more than friends!

They wanted to keep things low key and casual and to leave plenty of time for their pictures with The Mchendrys. Emma wore a black maxi dress which she bought for £20 online! Neil wore an All Saints leather jacket and a denim one from ASOS which Emma painted herself with a verse from a Lana Del Rey song.

For the ceremony they walked up the mountain just the two of them to do it. They actually decided not to have this part photographed, as they wanted it to be just the two of them. “As a wedding photographer I’d definitely recommend having your ceremony photographed, but for our vow renewal we wanted it to just be us!” Emma said. “Our renewal was more about celebrating our love after nearly 10 years and recording the moment afterwards with a cool AF film and photos to look back on we’re old and not cool! Saying our vows was the best part though. Neil got a tear and so did I and nigher of us are big criers!”