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A Wedding Film in Paris

It’s unusual that I’d just share a video, without the wedding pictures or story alongside it. Yet when film maker Philip White showed me his latest offering – a cinematic take on the wedding film – I couldn’t help but want to post it immediately.

Grab yourself something to drink, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

This is completely captivating.

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A Different View & Finding the Right Wedding Photographer


What are you looking for in your wedding photographer? Someone who shoots images you love, who you quite like as person and that fits within your budget I’d assume. But today let’s look a little deeper. I want to talk to you about¬†photographic¬†style, and hopefully to highlight the importance of the art of your wedding photography. Bear with me, this is all starting to sound a little airy¬†fairy¬†and arty farty but I do have a valid point I promise…

I believe that all photography – illustrated in no better a place than¬†weddings¬†– is art. No question. In my mind no other creative has to work as quickly or to such precision as a wedding photographer. They¬†are¬†required to capture fleeting moments and blink and you’ll miss them¬†memories¬†on¬†the most important day of¬†someone’s¬†life.¬†No pressure right?


I may have always known this, I mean I’ve been banging on about how much I love and¬†respect¬†wedding photographers for years, but it wasn’t until recently, just last month in Paris in fact, that the¬†validity of the art itself became so clear to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah – I’m going off on an airy fairy¬†tangent¬†again. OK let me clarify…

For our Parisian jaunt, we had both¬†Lisa Devlin¬†and¬†Shell de Mar¬†shooting us. Having such a busy few weeks beforehand we hadn’t really planned the shoot extensively – we were just going to rock up to our apartment, find the¬†Eiffel¬†Tower and hopefully make some magic. The day went great, the locations were perfect and we had outfits that worked really well (sounds stupid, but makes such a difference when¬†you’re¬†doing shots of the three of us together!) All in all we were pretty chuffed with what we’d pulled out of le sac magique.


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Travel Journal: Dance Like No Ones Watching {Deuxième Partie}

Bloggers-Paris-Devlin-Photos 504

For the second part of our Parisian adventure it was time to leave our paradisiac apartment and venture outside. With such a limited time to shoot we knew exactly where we wanted to go РLa Tour Eiffel!

Yes it’s a¬†clich√©, but¬†don’t¬†you groan.¬†You can‚Äôt really go to Paris without paying this landmark a visit. It‚Äôs inevitable. Of course there are hordes of tourists¬†trying¬†to take ‘selfies’ with the tower in the¬†background, and the place is littered with annoying hawkers selling Eiffel Tower paraphernalia ‚Äď but even with all that, it‚Äôs still a pretty awesome sight to be seen.

Bloggers-Paris-Devlin-Photos 613

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Travel Journal: Paris {La Première Partie}

Bloggers-Paris-Devlin-Photos 500

After a long week doing¬†two London workshops¬†as well as heading out to the great¬†British¬†countryside for¬†a talk at the Photography Farm¬†(I’ll be writing about the farm and sharing some photos we had taken soon), it was time for¬†Gala,¬†Shauna¬†& me¬†to head out to Paris for a whirlwind trip. It was supposed to be a nice and¬†relaxing mini-vacation to end our time together, but as usual with us it was anything but! We were only in the city for two days but we still managed to pack in two photo shoots, a¬†shopping trip¬†(obviously),¬†plenty of dancing,¬†practising our French¬†(oh how the locals must have loved us – not)¬†and to¬†drink as much wine as possible.

Three three of us have only visited Paris once before (which is¬†particularly¬†embarrassing¬†for me as it’s only a two hour train ride away!) – Gala & Shauna on their last trip to Europe, and me when I did my Marie¬†Antoinette¬†shoot¬†in 2010.

Being bloggers and photo whores (we’re not ashamed!) we knew we’d want some photographs to document our time in the city and so called upon our go-to photographer Lisa Devlin, to come along for the ride. The ever cute and¬†enthusiastic¬†Shell De Mar also tagged along, although I actually I think she invited herself! (I’ll be sharing her photos soon…) as did the beautiful Elbie Van Eeden¬†–¬†the only girl I trust¬†implicitly to perfectly fulfil all my hair and make up demands…

Bloggers-Paris-Devlin-Photos 498

Our apartment was provided by Go with Oh, who we partnered with on this trip. They specialise in European getaways and have apartments for rent in Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin,¬†Florence, London, Madrid, Paris,¬†Prague, Rome, Seville, Vienna and Venice (phew!) I always prefer to stay in an¬†apartment¬†rather than¬†a hotel when I travel. You usually get more for your money and you can get a real sense of a place when you’re not hauled up in a hotel. I mean where else would you find a¬†teeny tiny lift of doom?!

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Phew, What a Trip!


Photography Credit: Devlin Photos

Bonjour mes petits amis!

Well I’m finally back at my desk after two weeks of non-stop craziness with The Blogcademy gang. And although I’m missing my girls like crazy, I have to say it’s pretty damn good to be home. My head is spinning with everything that’s happened over the past fortnight. In fact it’s whirring so much that I’m struggling to even form¬†sentences…

From epic London adventures to two sold out Blogcademys and a talk at Farm Week…. From¬†a¬†whirlwind¬†Parisian jaunt to shooting with the¬†incredible¬†Brooke Davis, the adorable Juliane Berry, the¬†supreme¬†Lisa Devlin¬†and the vivacious and infectiously upbeat Shell De Mar (sheesh what a bunch of posers!) I am SPENT.¬†Completely¬†and utterly beat.

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