Rock n Roll Vow Renewal at Sacré-Cœur

Rachael Laporte Paris Photographer

September 15, 2018

Is there anywhere more romantic than Paris in the winter? Alice and Simone, who met and were engaged within four months, always regretted not having a professional photographer for their wedding three years ago. So, when they decided to renew their vows on the streets of Montmartre, hiring someone amazing to capture the day was top on their list of priorities.

“We sorely regretted not hiring a professional photographer to capture our wedding”, said Alice “We then tried to incorporate pieces from our original wedding and also found some incredible vendors that truly represented our Rock n Roll style!”

“It was not your fairytale type of ceremony. We wanted to be ourselves on that day and wore what we felt comfortable in and what would reflect US — leather jacket, jeans, boots, fishnet stockings, green andblack heels, edgy looking large ring, etc. All the pieces that you wouldn’t expect to see at a classical ceremony, but felt right for us.”

“We knew we didn’t want our ceremony to feel official and, well, strict. So, we found the most amazing officiant who’s not only a woman, has tattoos and is rocking the most stylish pastor outfit we’ve seen (which is already quite cool, right?) but also very chilled person and is a lot of fun to be around — we knew we found the right one! We laughed a lot during the ceremony, as you can see.”

“One of the reasons we picked the Montmartre and Sacré Cœur in particular as our vow renewal ceremony location (apart from its famous beauty) is the fact that three years ago we got married just a few streets away, at the Mairie du 18ème arrondissement. Our ceremony was very small and intimate — just us, the officiant and the two photographers, but it felt like we were just two of us there. I walked up the side stairs of the Sacré Cœur where Simone was already waiting for me, it was a bit like walking down the aisle, but in our own way. Then Michelle started the ceremony and it was very emotional yet very relaxed, we laughed all the way through it.”

Alice is a vegan and wanted this to be reflected in the day somehow. “We chose a botanical designer who made us the cool bright vegetable/fruit/flower bouquet and a red hot chilli boutonnière for Simone. During the planning process, we wondered if that will be possible to preserve the bouquet or some parts of it as a keepsake, so we also added in a bright cactus that we replanted afterwards.”

And Alice’s advice to other couples? Obviously.. “BOOK A PHOTOGRAPHER!” she said. “If there’s one thing that you should do, is to hire a good photographer. Other than that, delegate as much as you can, find what makes you feel good and try to sleep as much as you can the night before.”