Dreams Do Come True – A Parisian Fairytale Romance

If you’re anything like me, on a Friday you’re tired and ready for the weekend so I thought I’d ease you into your last working day of the week with a bit of fairytale magic…

I know how much you all loved the ‘baby bunny’ photo shoot that I blogged last week, but are you all ready for part two…shot in PARIS!? This is fairytale escapism on a whole other level. If the bunny shoot made you squeal, I think you’re just about gonna die when you see this…

“I believe in fairytales,” writes photographer/videographer genuis David of  Axioo. “Not like the ones we used to hear when we were kids. Disney has its share of planting the seeds of fairytale, but as we grow older, we know those only exist in storybooks and Disneyland. As we meet couples who share with us how their love began, what sparks their relationship, we believe there’s a magical power that brought them together.”

Jeff & Cecil flew to Paris from Indonesia for their pre-wedding shoot and brought Axioo with them. Wow.

You can see all the photos used in the video on Axioo’s blog here.

Happy Friday!

Photography& Video Credit: Axioo
Dresses: Melta (as yet no website)
Make up: Andreas


  1. That is absolutely incredible! Although I would go eek! about letting those *gorgeous*(and I’m sure in credibly $$$) dresses get that close to the water and trail on the ground… but it looks like she has plenty so np I guess 😉 I love love love that blue gown 😀

  2. bloody hell! this is amazing how many gorgeous dresses did she have and I love the Versailles (marie antoinette) part reminds me of our first anniversary as went to paris and visited Versaille for it. Truly wonderful this has cheered up my Friday thank you xxx

  3. That is utterly gorgeous, I thought I’d just watch the start but found I couldn’t stop watching! I am actually jealous, I want to dress up in lots of stunning dresses and do that and I am not that type of girl at all! What are you doing to me?!

  4. Rachel

    Holy crap! They have got to be the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen! Those dresses, and Versailles! I dragged my partner round Versailles last year on a romantic trip to Paris, I wish I could have done it in such a glamourous fashion!!!

  5. Amazing, I’m re-tweeting this as soon as I hit post. The video is cool and the stills within it are just so romantic. That’s the way to do wedding photography.


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