1. Oh my gosh that was just beautiful 🙂 Crying with everyone else! Her reaction at the end is just an absolute killer. Thanks for sharing Kat – inspiration for all those men on your blog (we know you’re out there)! on how to go the extra mile, or rather extra thousand miles, for a proposal! Bloody love it!

  2. Sobbing as I type this. I have, myself, been engaged for the grand total of a week so I’m VERY emotional about the whole thing!

  3. oh my god. I have only ever creid at ONE film in my whole life (lion king since you’re asking) and always get told i’m dead on the inside. i had tears rolling down my cheeks for this!!

  4. Melissa

    I watched this at work and took everyone down with me. We’re just teary and all in awe. Love it.

  5. carol cassidy

    this video should come with a disclaimer: do NOT watch in work! absolutely amazing


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