Phew, What a Trip!

February 2, 2013


Photography Credit: Devlin Photos

Bonjour mes petits amis!

Well I’m finally back at my desk after two weeks of non-stop craziness with The Blogcademy gang. And although I’m missing my girls like crazy, I have to say it’s pretty damn good to be home. My head is spinning with everything that’s happened over the past fortnight. In fact it’s whirring so much that I’m struggling to even form sentences…

From epic London adventures to two sold out Blogcademys and a talk at Farm Week…. From a whirlwind Parisian jaunt to shooting with the incredible Brooke Davis, the adorable Juliane Berry, the supreme Lisa Devlin and the vivacious and infectiously upbeat Shell De Mar (sheesh what a bunch of posers!) I am SPENT. Completely and utterly beat.

I spent SIX HOURS climbing my email mountain yesterday and this week is a slightly terrifying mix of to do lists and deadlines but it’s always worth it. Travel and adventure is what makes my world go round. I’ve had the time of my life and I can’t wait to tell you all about it over the coming weeks.

So my dears, how have you been?