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Moody Meets ‘Wedfest 2023’ Wedding in an Industrial Venue



February 15, 2024

Sierra and Clint's "WEDFEST 2023" was inspired by their love for music and featured a harmonious blend of rock chic, eclectic and dark, romantic elements. Planning a wedding for 175 guests with ADHD was no mean feat for this bride, who told us, "My ADHD made wedding planning the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do - more intense than grad school! I do not consider my ADHD a disability, but wedding planning really tested that theory!"

Contemporary, Industrial, Indie Wedding

Sophie Cooke

Jade Maguire

January 15, 2020

Emily and Craig have been to a LOT of weddings over the last few years - 33 in five years, to be precise - so knew they wanted to do something completely different to what they’d experienced before. As music is a massive part of both of their lives so it was super important to them that it play a big role in their wedding day, too. They wanted the wedding to feel like a music festival with a contemporary twist - less wellies and haybales, more Berlin industrial with street art, greenery and warehouse vibes.. Oh and a massive party to boot!

DIY Wedding Inspired by Anatomical Tattoos, Edwardian Advertising & Trainspotting

Sophie Cooke

Dan McCourt

December 18, 2019

Rebecca and Tom had an unusual inspiration for the theme of their wedding day - their own house! “We got engaged in our ‘blue room’,” explained Rebecca, “which is a deep teal and we’ve decorated it with copper accents. We then went wedding venue shopping and saw Wylam Brewery in Newcastle had similar features to our house - blues and greys, parquet flooring, industrial decoration. Tom was also keen to use as much wedding stuff in our house afterwards and because Wylam is a similar age and style to our house, we wanted to make wedding features and decoration that would look fitting in both.

Romantic, Industrial & Glam Wedding in Australia

Sophie Cooke

Kristina Wild

November 12, 2019

Rikki and Kent share the same birthday of April 5th, so when it came to their wedding day they threw caution to the wind and decided to combine birthday and wedding celebrations and throw the biggest party of their lives! “The only thing you actually NEED to do for a wedding is say like, two sentences,” explained Rikki. “Everything else is entirely up to you to make into the best day of your life.”

When Sparks Fly: A Sparkly Meets Industrial Wedding… with Taco Trucks!

Sophie Cooke

Abigail Jean

March 10, 2019

There were so many sparks on Dan and Annaliese’s first date that they decided to theme their wedding after them! “We were living about an hour apart at the time so that first date was a bit reluctant to be honest,” said Annaliese. “Although I thought Dan looked cute and funny, we both just thought the distance was a stumbling point. I jokingly said to a friend that I’d probably only go on one date with Dan, unless ’Sparks are showering the floor like a welding shop’.” Fortunately, that was exactly how she felt about that first date!

Modern & Colourful Meets Industrial & Laid-Back Spanish Wedding

Sophie Cooke

María Mira

January 31, 2019

Laura and Bruno met in their home-town of Los Angeles, but Laura always knew she’d head back to her birth country of Spain to get married. “We were well aware that planning a wedding is a difficult task, even more so when you’re thousands of miles away!” she explained. “So the first decision we made was to hire a planner. We were so worried about the organisation, we decided to dedicate a portion of our €28,000 budget to hiring a professional to take care of all the worrying for us.” They hired Lorena of Eventos Clandestine to help them pull their destination wedding off without a hitch.

Uber-cool Hackney Wedding with a Canal Boat Arrival

Ellie Kime

Ed Godden

October 16, 2018

Gigi and Ale's big day deserves big words: This is one of my favourite weddings I've ever seen, ever, and that includes in every outlet and in every Instagram scroll. In their own words, "The whole day oozed relaxation and the ability for everyone to dismiss the fact that weddings are quite often stuffy and just let loose!" They arrived on a canal boat waving flares, left wearing trainers, and in the middle did a whole lot of incredible celebrating...