Industrial Swiss Wedding with a Pin Up 1950s Vibe

Photography by Chloe

June 10, 2019

Talia and David were hitched in Switzerland in September. They chose an unconventional venue, owned by a friend’s father, and styled the day around that. The day also had a very slight pin up touches, mostly in the way the bride dressed and styled her own hair and make up.

They didn’t have a massive budget so decided to go DIY or skip a lot of the extras. There was no cake or bridal party and they designed their own stationery and had them printed by Vista Print. The foliage on the tables were branches they’d cut the day before and added on top of homemade runners. They hired a local florist for the bouquet and buttonholes and a caterer and DJ, but everything else was homemade.

The venue was around 1/3 of their budget and was definitely the biggest cost. Luckily it didn’t need much in terms of decorations, it provided the perfect backdrop just as it was. The style of the venue itself is really what influenced the rest of the day. “The place is a truly magical”, said Tali. “A mix of industrial and vintage. We love it there and visit often, each time it feels like a holiday.”

“Just let all the stress go”, she advises other couples. “Nothing will happen as planned, it’s a certainty! But everything is so much easier if you do not attach any importance to the perfection of details. Personally that day I only wanted to enjoy it!”