Moody Meets ‘Wedfest 2023’ Wedding in an Industrial Venue

Applehead Photography

February 15, 2024

Sierra and Clint’s “WEDFEST 2023” was inspired by their love for music and featured a harmonious blend of rock chic, eclectic and dark, romantic elements. Planning a wedding for 175 guests with ADHD was no mean feat for this bride, who told us, “My ADHD made wedding planning the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do – more intense than grad school! I do not consider my ADHD a disability, but wedding planning really tested that theory!”

They were married at Guardian Works in Atlanta, a renovated brick and beam building from 1908 which was the prefect individual backdrop for their day. From the onset, they knew their wedding had to be an authentic representation of them and their love of music. The non-traditional vibe permeated every detail from the ‘VIP Passes’ as invitations, the decor featuring a disco ball ceiling installation and giant WEDFEST letters, and the entertainment of a psychic, fire spinners, and LED hula hoopers. Adding fun little extras like an audio guestbook, a cookie tower instead of a cake, and a temporary tattoo station added even more personalised the day.

The ceremony featured classical renditions of modern songs such as Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac and Don’t Stop Me Now By Queen. “Instead of the ‘who gives this bride away?’ part, it was an important shift for me to use the phrase ‘who blesses this marriage?’,” Sierra told us. “Because, in my best Princess Jasmine voice, ‘I am not a prize to be won!'”

“Our vows were non-traditional and felt powerful to say. We also took a moment of silence during our vows to allow our loved ones to send prayers, blessings, encouragement and manifestations in a way that honored their personal spirituality. It was a meaningful and emotional moment for us, and we felt surrounded by the love and positive energy of our family and friends.”

Looking back, Sierra and Clint’s wedding was a labour of love that tested their limits but ultimately reinforced their bond. “Give yourself at least a year”, the bride concluded. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been ‘planning your wedding your whole life’ and have an abundant Pinterest board – this will change! Hire a wedding planner immediately, and go in this order: venue, catering, entertainment, florals/ decor. Also, remember there is no standard for which you are supposed to feel while navigating this process. You can be excited and fearful, loving and frustrated, strong and sensitive, all at the same time. You do not need to feel guilt for not having emotions. Just ask anyone who’s gotten married, if they are honest they will let you know it’s not all rainbows and butterfly feelings!”