A Simple, Modern & Industrial Chic Boston Wedding

Nicole Nero Studio

May 13, 2019

Today’s wedding is going to hit you right in the feels. Jazmine and Greg’s day a beautiful example of how keeping things simple yet personal is always the way to go. They were married in Boston and after a Catholic ceremony hosted their reception at Liberty Hotel.

“We met during my first year in college, when I was 19”, began the bride. “It was in a General Psychology Class that he was taking for his pre-Med requirements, the only class he was taking at the same school I was at that time.”

The ceremony was the highlight of the day for this pair, particularly the words spoken by the priest. “Our ceremony was held at St. Cecilia Parish by Fr. John Unni. It was a simple Catholic wedding. We didn’t bother with any decorations at the church as it was already a beautiful venue. We only added pictures of our loved ones who weren’t able to join us on our special day.”

“Maybe two months before the wedding, we had met up with Father John so that he could get to know us. He asked us the usual questions about how we met, how long we’ve been together, etc. And then he asked us what we loved about each person. Little did Greg and I know that Father John wrote down what we said word per word and shared it during our ceremony. It was very sweet and got everyone very emotional”

Although they didn’t go crazy on the decorations, they did have geometric terrariums, succulents and leafy garlands and wreaths on all the tables. “Our wedding theme was industrial chic. I think that the whole idea for the wedding came after we decided on our reception venue. Seeing that it had such an industrial feel to it, with the metals and red brick walls, I wanted to add a bit of contrast to it by incorporating ‘softer’ details and colours in our wedding palette through the wedding party outfits down to the bouquets and succulents.”

“Remember that this is YOUR wedding and not just a party for your guests”, the bride concludes. “Prioritise and focus on what makes you and your partner happy and then your guests!”