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Rock n Roll Proposal Shoot in Phoenix


Jamie Allio

April 6, 2015

Have I got a set of photos that will make you go "awww!" today!? Photographer Jamie Allio told me the story of the real proposal that happened during this shoot! "I actually contacted this couple to do a shoot for my personal portfolio. I had been following Natalie for a while on Instagram and was obsessed with her style and her flawless features. Her boyfriend, Zach, was always making appearances on her feed and I couldn't believe these two weren't models!"

Game of Thrones Engagement Shoot: Karlee & Justin



February 17, 2013

Confession time: I've never seen Game of Thrones. I know, I know, my geek credentials should be thrown out of the window and I should hang my head in shame... But needless to say I know a good thing when I see it, and Karlee & Justin's engagement shoot certainly fits that bill. Vancouver Island in British Columbia was the perfect spot for this DIY shoot - oh yes, I said DIY - the pair made their outfits themselves from scratch!

Woodland Motorcycle Engagement Shoot: Kate & Brandon


Keith A Savage

February 16, 2013

Engagement shoots might not be everyone's bag, in fact I rarely blog them myself. But when I saw Kate & Brandon's intimate and utterly gorgeous shoot I knew I had to break my self-imposed rule. I love how these images perfectly reflect the couple - their likes and dislikes, the things they do together and who they are as people - without any pretentiousness. Nothing is overdone and nothing has been imposed by the stylist - it just shows them.