Spanish Desert Couple Shoot: Anne-Sophie & Frederic

Pretty Days

August 12, 2013

West Love Story - Pretty Days Photographer 096

Engagement and couple shoots aren’t usually my bag… I mean I like them and think all couples should do them, but I’m never sure if they really make very interesting blog posts. However today I think I’ve been proven wrong. I mean how damn beautiful are these?

West Love Story - Pretty Days Photographer 027

Shot in the Spanish desert by French wedding photographer Thierry Joubert, Anne-Sophie and Frederic wanted a shoot to remember their relationship as it is right now. “The arid place lead us into a wild theme, inspired by cinematic classics and Enio Morricone’s soundtracks”, wrote Thierry. “All through the session I kept thinking that this was just like a lovely western script: a wild beauty meeting the lonely cowboy. The couple chose their outfits to fit with the setting and when it all came together it was like magic happening before my eyes.”

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  1. Beautiful! Do you know where this is in Spain? We’re going there on a road trip for our honeymoon and this place looks amazing!

  2. Great shoot! I think the ‘bloggability’ of an engagement or love the dress shoot really depends upon how creative it is. They are a great opportunity to do more wild stuff than you’d have a chance to on the wedding day – so why stick to the well trodden path? Only yesterday, I had a couple snogging whilst standing on top of a Land Rover!

  3. Thank you so much Kat for sharing our amazing shoot with Thierry (Thierry, as you know, Fred & me love you, definitely).

    Just to answer some questions : Madeleine, it is in the Parque Natural de los Bardenas, in the Navarra area (North Spain). And Cotton candy, the cuff was an only piece of jewellery in an etsy boutique, but you might find the headband on the “Les Dormeuses de Madapolam” eshop (the link is in the supporting cast !)


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