Woodland Motorcycle Engagement Shoot: Kate & Brandon

motorcycle engagement_keithasavage-2

Engagement shoots might not be everyone’s bag, in fact I rarely blog them myself. But when I saw Kate & Brandon’s intimate and utterly gorgeous shoot I knew I had to break my self-imposed rule. I love how these images perfectly reflect the couple – their likes and dislikes, the things they do together and who they are as people – without any pretentiousness. Nothing is overdone and nothing has been imposed by the stylist – it just shows them.

motorcycle engagement_keithasavage-33

“We wanted to feature Brandon’s motorcycle in the shoot as that’s his other love”, wrote stylist Rachael Lunghi of Lace and Likes. “They both smoke and enjoy whiskey so we brought that in. We sort of came up with a whole storyline about them riding out to the forest and then camping in their longjohns and drinking whiskey in the woods.”

motorcycle engagement_keithasavage-90

I love this, what about you? Thank you to Kate & Brandon for sharing their shoot with us today.



  1. Sooz

    Love it! So simple but so effective. We having bikes at our wedding and hope we can make it look this good, they’re good for the soul. congratulations to the happy couuple. xx

  2. Don’t blame you for breaking the rules on this one Kat. I think it’s my most favourite engagement shoot ever. EVERYTHING about it is stunning – the light, the colours, the couple, and most important, the absolute reality that is projected through these beautiful images.

  3. Onesies and skulls…love it! It’s ace how completely natural these shots are. Looks like they are having so much fun together, wrapped up in one another, which is what you want! x

  4. Lindsay

    WOW… what a perfectly captured moment… whiskey and cigarettes in the forest: sounds like love to me. Absolutely swooning with envy.

  5. Kate

    These are so bad ass. My man and I love to ride and I have been searching for couples motorcycle shoots that aren’t totally cheesy (few and far between in my opinion), but this one is right on point. I plan on having a motorcycle shoot for us soon and me and my Brandon will be using this Kate and Brandon as a little inspiration!


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