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Homespun Backyard Wedding with Autumnal Touches: Ashley & Mark

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It may have rained for their outdoor ceremony but聽Ashley & Mark didn’t care. They grabbed some umbrellas and ran with it! The September wedding was held at Ashley’s mother’s house and had a subtle Autumn theme full of personal touches.

“My favorite part of our wedding was聽how easy and genuine it all felt!, began the bride. “I loved that it began to sprinkle during our vows (I love rain) and the lanterns we all sent off at the end of the evening was a beautiful memory.”

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“Our vision for our wedding was聽all about authenticity and the details; I wanted to do it myself and bring to life all the things I love most. For Mark, his interests were keeping within budget and being true to our desires for our special day, whether they agree with tradition or not. Art is in my bones so I knew I could find ways to be budget savvy and with my limitless creativity I could bring to life anything I had imagined for our ‘best day ever!'”

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Eccentric Outdoor/ Indoor Garden Party: Lara & Gav

lara & gav's cute and quirky back garden wedding.

Lara and Gav were married in Lara’s parent’s back garden. They set up a marquee and decorated it with collected and borrowed items from friends and junk shops. “The garden聽was beyond perfect despite the rain”, explained the bride. “It has been lovingly created and maintained by my parents since they moved in 15 years ago. It has always played host to whimsical parties, and lent itself brilliantly to the occasion.”

lara & gav's cute and quirky back garden wedding.

“We wanted the day to be as communal as possible and accordingly roped in as many guests as we possibly could”, she continued. “Everyone was most happy to oblige, and this communal feeling was ultimately the theme and what really made the day for both of us, and everyone involved.”

lara & gav's cute and quirky back garden wedding.

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Yellow, Teal and Silver Themed Backyard Wedding: Jess & Rob


Yellow, teal and silver were the colours of Jess and Rob’s June wedding. The event was held in their own home, mostly in their back garden, in聽Connecticut. The wedding was kept casual, with no bridal party or speeches and with the main aim being that everyone had a really great time.

“The first thing I bought for the wedding were my shoes. I just fell in love with the teal and that became the main color for the wedding”, Jess explained. “The yellow and silver were added once I started designing the save the dates and invitations.”


“It overlapped into everything, especially my dress. I knew I wanted a short dress from the start. I looked online and saw lots of pretty dresses but none that I thought were quite right. In the end I went to my local bridal shop which happens to be owned by a childhood friend of mine. It worked out incredibly well and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. On my 5th or 6th dress I found the one but I immediately wanted to cut it up and make it my own. Bliss Bridal’s tailor was so fantastic, she listened to my crazy ideas and worked with me to turn the gown I found into something with a bit of a pin up vibe but with an elegance to it.”


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Bohemian Reggae Wedding in a Gas Station: Chelsea & Evan


Chelsea and Evan hosted their reggae themed wedding at a gas station turned country bar in聽Woodland, CA. Their day was laid back, unique and most of all fun for everyone who was there!

“One day we were drinking mimosas around our apartment in San Francisco with two of Evan’s best friends, and kind of joking, they decided it would be really cool if we had a reggae-themed wedding”, explained the bride. “In the spirit of compromise, I said no to a watermark of Haile Selassi on the invitation but did incorporate the red/green/yellow colors into the stationery and hired the coolest funk/reggae/soul band from the bay.”


“We wanted the day to be very unique,” she continued. “Our worst nightmare was a cookie-cutter wedding. A big part of making it different was the venue. We chose Plainfield Station, a gas stationed turned country bar with a huge backyard, and they’ve never had a wedding before. I’d link to them but they don’t even have a website. It’s the kind of place that you wonder if you are on Mars as you’re driving to it, and when you get there, it all makes sense and you never want to leave.”


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Waterfront Garden Wedding: Mallory & Euan

Jonas Seaman _1087

Mallory and Euan’s wedding was held in the bride’s Grandparent’s house in Seattle. They had the ceremony in the front garden, overlooking the ocean, and the reception in the back! “I would say the biggest thing that defined our wedding was he fact that although we live in London, we decided to have the wedding in my hometown, Seattle”, Mallory began. “Ever present in our minds were the constraints of logistics, timing and budget. We both arrived in Seattle three weeks before the wedding for a marathon of final preparations, crafting and trying to squeeze in quality time with all the amazing friends and family who helped to keep us sane.”

Jonas Seaman _1006

“I have to say our wedding (like our relationship come to think of it – we met on a聽website that matches people based on music they listen to) was an internet baby. I can’t begin to add up the countless hours I spent scouring the web for vendors, DIY ideas and how to locally source them. It wasn’t all stress, however, as we were so lucky to have the rare opportunity to surround ourselves with the people we love and that we had friends and family willing to fly across the world, from as far as Australia (where Euan is from), Hong Kong and London to join us for the big day.”

Jonas Seaman _1011

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Chaotic Chilean Wedding: Mar铆a & J贸se


Mar铆a聽and J贸se were hitched in聽Calera de Tango, Chile. Both families pitched in to make the wedding happen – from helping with the planning, doing the hair and make up, taking the photos, growing the flowers and making all the food.


“I think that the most special thing about our wedding was that we did everything ourselves with our friends and family”, wrote the bride. “We saved money on nearly everything – the food, flowers and decoration – because we made it all.”


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