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Pastel meets Moody New Zealand Wedding with Skulls, Crystals and Flowers

Sophie Cooke


June 25, 2020

Zoe and Myles were in school together; they didn’t share any classes but knew each other through mutual friends. During a party they hit it off, dated for eight months and then Zoe threw a spanner in the works and moved to England! “I thought that might be it for our relationship as I was planning on staying for a few years,” explained Zoe. “I had the one way ticket before we met. After five months apart, Myles made the leap and moved to England with me.”

Dia De Los Muertos Meets Psychobilly Wedding in a Berlin Nightclub

Erin Balfour

Honeymoon Pictures

April 3, 2018

Daniela and Thomas's wedding day was a mixture of Rock n Roll, psychobilly and Dia De Los Muertos, which the bride describes as a "Happy, loud and without any conventions" kind of day. They had 'first look' photos taken and also stopped in at an Oreo pop-up store on their way to the ceremony, which was held in an old circus tent! Their reception party was in a rockabilly club in the middle of Berlin where they had a live band playing so it was like a gig - they first met at a psychobilly concert in the bride's hometown of Munich, so this was a lovely nod to that.