Gothic Micro Wedding on an October Full Moon

Applehead Photography

June 27, 2024

At Atlanta Utility Works on Halloween weekend, Mikey and Megan were married in a small wedding that mixed their love of both gothic and bohemian styles. The couple blended Mikey’s favorite colour, purple, with Megan’s love for black, creating a rock n’ roll yet romantic atmosphere.

Megan walked down the aisle in a stunning custom black wedding dress, dark make-up, and Dr. Martens. Mikey matched her style in all black, also wearing Dr. Martens. For the reception, Megan swapped to Vans and a DIY cropped leather jacket, while Mikey switched to his signature Waffle House slides!

Planning their wedding came with its challenges. DIYing everything from the decor to the flowers was a massive undertaking for Megan. “I think I took on more than I could physically or mentally handle among the other life events I manage daily,” she admits. “I wish I knew how time consuming and exhausting DIY’ing everything can be.” The loss of Megan’s father just six weeks before the wedding also added to the emotional strain, but they found strength in each other.

Their ceremony was intimate and personal, with no groomsmen or bridesmaids – just Mikey, Megan, and their children under the full moon. They incorporated a handfasting ceremony, with their kids placing cords representing the elements tied to their zodiac signs. “The ceremony was very meaningful and personal to us,” Megan says. “Trying to find an officiant who would perform a handfasting ceremony in a very religious state also proved to be challenging but we made a great choice when we found Geoff! We were turned down by a lot of vendors because of our eccentric personalities and our tattoos as well which was heartbreaking and challenging.”

“Seeing everything I had dreamt of and envisioned come together was by far the best part of the wedding,” she reflects. The couple also loved that they took a moment alone after their first dance to soak in the magic of the day together.

“Make the day about you as a couple”, is Megan’s advice to future couples. “Don’t listen to what everyone else thinks you should do; do what feels natural and best for you two. We fought really hard to get here and we look forward to an eternity of loving each other even after we are ghosts.”