Nothing Else Matters: An Autumnal Wedding with Heavy Metal Touches

Peter Austin Photography

September 15, 2023

Eilidh and Lyden’s wedding was a reflection of their shared love for autumn, nature and heavy metal music. Married in November at Irton Hall in the picturesque Lake District, they wanted a small wedding and didn’t hesitate to break with tradition.

They opted for no speeches, no first dance, no bouquet toss, and replaced the traditional cake with a pile of doughnuts. Their decisions all stemmed from a desire to create a relaxed atmosphere, ensuring that everyone, including themselves, could truly enjoy the day without unnecessary stress.

“We wanted to keep the wedding quite intimate and comfortable,” Eilidh said. “We didn’t want to add any unnecessary pressure or stress to a day that we planned for everyone to enjoy. Your wedding day is for you and no one else. Do the things you want to do, skip the things that fill you with dread.”

Eilidh’s ceremony entrance was to an instrumental version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters played by Soren Madsen. The formalities were short but they still both cried! The ceremony room was decorated to perfection by their wedding day stylist, Janet from Wilde and Romantic, “She made the room look so beautiful”, the bride remembered, “it was so romantic we could have stayed in there forever.”

The reception was just as they had envisioned it – intimate and laid back. Some guests danced, others played board games, and some simply enjoyed the doughnuts and Irish coffees. They didn’t set a strict schedule so their guests were free to enjoy the space in their own way. “It made a very relaxed atmosphere which is just what we wanted”, explained Eilidh. “Getting to see different friendship groups mingle with each other and our families was perfect.”

For decor and personal touches they included handwritten favours that doubled as place cards during afternoon tea. Lyden painted Eilidh’s leather jacket and a tattoo artist friend designed all the stationery as a wedding gift. As Eilidh works at a sign makers, she was able to get everything printed out really cheaply.

When asked what their favourite part of their wedding planning experience was, the bride concluded, “Getting to plan the perfect day with my best friend. We made sure we had a day that was just us.”