Dark & Moody Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding with a Botanical Theme

Iris and Echo

March 16, 2022

With a passion for plants, Kelsey and Grant knew there had to be plenty of greenery in their wedding. Grant proposed to Kelsey in their greenhouse, and so plants are very much a part of their story. The couple incorporated greenery wherever they could. They chose a venue with a huge living wall, and their florist included a rooted plant in Kelsey’s bouquet, so she could plant it and continue nurturing it, well after the wedding. They also had a plant potting segment of the ceremony and a potted plant seating chart.

As an art major in college, designing the day was something Kelsey really enjoyed, and she took on a lot of DIY projects, including spray painting vintage frames, making a sign and terrariums with animal bones, crystals and butterflies in.

Kelsey is immunocompromised, so along with the stress of the pandemic, they had to postpone their day three times, however the couple saw the delays as positives, telling us, “The additional year of waiting allowed us to form deeper relationships with our vendors, to the point that we consider some of them friends. Even though we had to push the date back so many times, we got very lucky that they had the new chosen dates still available.”

Kelsey and Grant wanted to do things their own way, and chose not to have a ‘first look’, however their officiant created a special moment for them anyway. Kelsey explained, “Our officiant told Grant to turn around after everyone else walked down the aisle and then to turn and face me when it was my turn to walk so we could have that “first look moment”. We also had a private first dance which was so nice to share that super intimate moment with only each other.”

Music played a big part of their day, with a 90s alternative playlist throughout the day, a piano version of The Office theme as the processional and nothing too slow, as they wanted a party vibe. They told us, “We aren’t into the whole fancy instrumental music. Towards the end of the night, we had the DJ play some of our favourite metal songs and we all formed a mosh pit and just went crazy.”

Kelsey told us her advice for future brides and grooms would be, “Learn to roll with the punches and don’t freak out if something goes a little differently than you had planned. Also, make time in the day for something that is just for he two of you. Your wedding is going to be special no matter what, but remember the real reason for a wedding is about celebrating and sharing your love with the one person you want to be with forever, not about how many people are going to be there, or how dressed up you get to be.”