Enchanted Gothic Forest Wedding

Devon Rowland Photography

May 21, 2024

Niki and Martin’s wedding was inspired a magical adventure through an enchanted gothic forest. Their day was inspired by their love of all things natural, spooky and dark. They leaned into rich colours and their spirituality, letting that be their guide.

From the castle ruins ceremony location to the bride arriving via boat, their handfasting ceremony was a real highlight of the day, and a part they put a lot of thought into. Their officiant explained to everyone that they chose gold for their rings because of its solar connection and the symbolism of the circle.

Niki explains “Our venue is a well-known castle ruins on a lake here in Sweden which has the inscription ‘dance, drink and have fun.’ Sweden’s most famous king Gustav I, married Margareta Lejonhuvud there, which was a cool thing to know! I arrived with my maid of honour on a lake to Lorn’s Anvil, and Martin met me on the bank and lifted me out of the boat.”

The theme of their wedding was brought to life through a combination of gothic elements and lush, untamed natural decor. The wild floral arch at the ceremony, the ethically sourced skulls, and all the black, red, and gold items at the reception contributed to the atmosphere. “Our florist is a spiritual florist and created the most beautiful floral displays”, the bride continued. “It felt so special seeing how she infused the displays with our and her energy. It really has stayed with us.”

They themed every room at the reception differently. They had a ‘photo zone’ with a Polaroid camera, a cosy room with board games, a tarot reader, a foosball table, arcade games and a dance floor room ensured that there was something for everyone. “The dance party was truly legendary,” Niki laughed. “Everyone loved the incredible mashups and danced until the venue closed.”

With the bride having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and several other chronic illnesses, making sure their wedding was accessible was vital. “This meant working in things like being lifted out of the boat and ensuring lots of sitting down”, she explained. “Our photographer was amazing an incorporated some really beautiful seated shots, or shot where I could be propped up on people! Several bridesmaids were also disabled and so we incorporated a seated wedding party arrangement, and seating all over the venue to ensure everyone could sit when needed. My headpiece designer also made sure the headdress was really light so as not to strain my neck.”

For future couples, their advice is simple but important: “Always be yourself. Do what makes you happy and brings meaning to you, no matter what others might think. This is a day to celebrate your love in the way you want to represent it.”