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Homemade Farm Wedding with a Black Wedding Dress

Maeg and Rob describe themselves as ‘non-traditional humans’, which I think is a lovely intro to their wedding, held on their own farm in Washington. Their total budget was $5000.

“We drew our inspiration from our farm and the years that we have spent here,” Maeg explains. “Instead of putting our money into a venue we’d only use for a couple of hours, we opted to put money back into the property where we’ll spend the rest of our lives.”

It was a truly personal affair, with only 45 guests. Their close friend became ordained just so he could be the officiant, and Maeg’s nine-year-old son escorted her down the aisle. One of her dogs also ended up walking her down the aisle too! “Our matted old rescue farm dog wouldn’t leave my side all day. We have four dogs and planned to contain them during the event, but this little guy lost his shit when we tried to put him inside so he ended up in our photos and escorting me for the evening!”

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Hipster Meets Glitzy Brooklyn Celebration

Modern Wythe Hotel wedding_UNIQUE LAPIN Photography079

New Yorkers Jen and Drew nearly met through a friend who tried to set them up on a blind date, however Jen wasn’t into the idea. However, as luck would have it, about a month later they met at a party and really hit it off. I guess that friend says”I told you so” to them¬†a lot now!

Modern Wythe Hotel wedding_UNIQUE LAPIN Photography055

The were married in Brooklyn, at the Wythe Hotel which was originally a factory on the Williamsburg waterfront. The building was constructed in 1901 and has recently been converted into a 70-room hotel. The urban vibe was perfect for their modern themed day. “Our wedding was inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the hotel”, said the bride, “industrial meets modern. We used fresh, light, airy colours meets glitzy, glam sparkles. We embraced the neighbourhood (graffiti, ‘hipsters’, view of the city) and brought it into all aspects of the day. Both of us grew up in small country towns, where our families still reside, so we wanted them to experience ‘our city’.”

Modern Wythe Hotel wedding_UNIQUE LAPIN Photography056

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Homemade & Vintage Wedding: Bryce & Josie

Lisa Jane Photography

Bryce & Josie were hitched in October at As You Like It restaurant and bar in Newcastle. They budgeted £5000 for the wedding but ended up over-spending a little with the whole day coming in for a still very impressive £8000.

Wearing a vintage dress from eBay and a Topshop mini lace dress in the evening, Josie carried a vintage feather bouquet that had belonged to her mother. Her bridesmaid wore dresses from Hobbs and carried homemade crepe paper bouquet. Her groom was decked out in an Oliver Spencer suit.

Lisa Jane Photography

“We met in 2005 in a bar in London, my last night out in Kew before moving to Islington”, began Josie. “A few weeks later Bryce followed my lead and moved down the road to Highbury. What can I say, his persistence paid off, 7 years, 3 cities and 2 kiddies down the road we got married!”

“This¬†wasn’t¬†the original wedding we planned,” she continued. “At first it was going to be a country village, marquee in the garden affair in May 2011. But various life events cropped up and meant that that was no longer to be. Never mind, who‚Äôd want a smooth running wedding plan anyway..!? Where are the stories to tell in that?! So we began to construct a plan for the North East.”

Lisa Jane Photography

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Woodland Wedding with Antlers, Feather & Herbs: Leah & Simon

“I wasn’t the kind of girl who had dreamed about her wedding day since the age of five”, began newlywed Leah who married Simon¬†earlier¬†this year, “and being engaged on December 20th and getting married on March 31st didn’t give us a whole lot of time to plan anyway. So I found myself in a little deep at first, but a few days into discussing ideas, we realized how cool it was to be able to create an event from the things we love – nature, the woods, rustic details. Daily life delivers you many inspirational things, and having eclectic tastes we knew it wouldn’t be a cookie cutter or ‘paint by numbers’ kinda wedding.”

“We decided we wanted to be married in the forest”, she continued, “and so our feel of the day went from there. We stuck to earthy tones.¬†The woodland didn’t need much decorating and the natural beauty of the Pacific North West was an inspiration in itself.”

“We had decorations that included antlers, natural burlap, feathers, herbs and mason jars wrapped in sticks and hemp.¬†We wanted to do something personal for our friends, so we made the wedding favours from brown paper lunch bags and stamped with our ‘crest’ that I had designed and had made up at a local rubber stamp company. We stitched the bags along the top with string to seal them and in the bags, we put little jars of Citrus Chutney that my (now) husband lovingly prepared, a piece of Biscotti and a test tube full of vodka infused with thyme. These turned out better than expected and the tedious work of pouring vodka into those thirty-two test tubes was worth every second.”

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An Angry Birds Inspired Wedding Shoot

Angry Birds. It might not strike you as an obvious wedding theme but this shoot goes to prove that inspiration can be found everywhere!

“We’ve been working on this idea since last Fall”, wrote photographer¬†Brent of¬†Live View Studios. ” Our idea was¬†for a wedding shoot inspired by the popular Angry Birds game, but to be done in a very classy, non-cartoony way. We wanted to bring our brand of very rustic, organic and indie vibes into it.”

“To our surprise, and considering how popular the game is, we hadn’t seen anyone else doing this idea” he continued. “So basically we wanted to be first!¬†When the idea came to us¬†initially, we looked around and found a few groom’s cakes & details based on the game but nothing that incorporated it in as an overall wedding theme or shoot. We decided to use elements creatively instead of basing it only on the characters. Keeping the elements of stone & brick, glass, wood & feathers, and the primary color palette in mind, we set out to design a rustic couture wedding with slingshot pens, tumbled concrete structures, a gold crown & golden eggs and a treasure chest for notes written by guests.”

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A Purple Feathers, Purple Hair & DIY Elegance: Jeni & Manny

The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognise the gorgeous Jeni & Manny from their urban beach engagement shoot that I posted back in May. Well shortly after that feature they were married, and they pulled the whole incredible event off for under $5000!

“I knew we wouldn’t be having a ‘traditional’ day and that I¬†wouldn’t¬†wear a white dress, so the search was on for a wedding-worthy purple one”, began the bride. “Once I knew I couldn’t find what I wanted within my budget, I decided to make one instead. My family thought I’d gone off the deep end considering I’ve never sewn anything in my life. My inspiration gown had material that flowed like feathers, so I thought ‘Why not make my gown with actual feathers?’ I started with a very simple and plain purple dress that I purchased online, and turned it into my dream dress. The gown I ended up with was even better than my inspiration! I figured since the dress was purple, why not have another shocker to the guests and have the bridesmaids in white. Everybody loved it and it looked amazing in our photos.”

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