Rotterdam Rock n Roll

August 13, 2010

I love these guys! Normen & Priya are from Holland and had their engagement shoot in Rotterdam with Tapas Maiti. This is just pure Rock n Roll and the couple have got a GREAT story. “I met Priya at the Asian Wedding Exhibition last November” Tapas told me. “It was an hour to go before closing and I was about pack up when she came to my stall and we got chatting. Priya & Norman are from Holland, her mother was a Hindu who arrived in Holland via Surinam whilst her father is a Sikh from the Punjab. Many Indian Hindu’s have settled in Holland by way of Surinam through the Dutch Indian Empire, its a fascinating story and shows the complexity of the Indian diaspora.”

Tapas flew to Holland from England for their shoot and the couple worked really hard scouting some fabulous locations including graffiti strewn parks, industrial waterfronts, green parks and fabulous bars. Normen, who is a punk guitarist, even bought a guitar to create some really perfectly ‘them’ images.

You’ve got to check out the video they made too. It just makes me love them even more. I got so excited watching it!

Credit: Tapas Maiti
Dress: From a boutique shop in Amsterdam
Locations: Ice cream parlour – de Ijssalon, Bar – Boudoir, Park -Museumpark