Lacy & Brandon’s Edgy Wedding

March 24, 2011

“The first time I met Lacy was over 10 years ago in high school where we became fast friends,” photographer Daniel Stark told me. “Unfortunately, she moved before our senior year and we gradually lost touch. When it came time to plan her wedding she walked into a bridal shop that happened to have my business cards. I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their fun, edgy, rockstar wedding.”

“Lacy has always been really cool and edgy even in high school.  And Brandon couldn’t have been a more perfect match for her. They quickly got identical tattoos with their own made up symbol that shows the love for each other. It was even on their wedding cake.”

Thanks to photographer Daniel for sharing these today.

Photography Credit: Daniel Stark Photography
Venue: Cornelius Pass Roadhouse McMenamins, Portland, Oregon
Event Planner: Magnifique Boutique


  1. Kirstin Macsween

    I looooove this! Lovely feel to the photographs and Emily and Chris make such a sweet couple, I’m hoping for this kind of vibe for my own big day, I have wedding-envy 🙂

  2. Now there is cool and there is cool…and these guys and this wedding is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo COOL, love em x

  3. Laura Hensleigh

    I’m shedding a happy tear for you two! Memories of my wonderful friend Chris have come flooding as well. So happy he’s found his match in you Emily. What a fabulous layout here! I’m quite jealous of how badass it all turned out..And Rain on the day before, day of, has some ChineseProverb (which I can’t remember word for word) but means the washing away & welcoming a new beginning before ones Wedding. Congratulations!

  4. Ilona

    So beautiful pictures and the wedding decorations and the couple and oh my… I got something in my eye…

  5. Katie Fortune

    Just came across this post!!
    Beautiful! Would you be willing to sell your Greenbow Lace dress I’m searching everywhere and can’t find one 🙁
    If you are please contact me, I’m in Ireland 🇮🇪

  6. Kelly Doyle-Mace

    Is there any way I could get in touch with the bride and groom to get a few more pictures from their table setup that I could use to help plan mine? I have been obsessing over the picture of the multicolored depression glass for MONTHS but would love to see a few other angles 🙂 I have already contacted the lovely photographer and unfortunately as it has been so long, she no longer has the pictures from that wedding. If anyone could put me in touch with the couple, I would be eternally grateful! 🙂


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