Gorgeous Vintage Bouquets from DC Bouquets

I love it when a great idea comes together – especially when in some small way the Rock n Roll Bride wedding blog can help! The fabulous (and she sooo is) Debs of DC Bouquets was browsing her favourite wedding blog (yes, yours truly’s) one day back in April 2010 and she came across a photographer local to her in South Yorkshire, Dolly Photography. She loved her style and so contacted her to see if she would be up for photographing some of her latest vintage bouquet designs.

“It was perfect timing as I was looking for some shots to use on my new website that would reflect the way my work has developed in the 12 months since I started Debbie Carlisle Bouquets – it’s my official business birthday on January 15th!” explained Debs. “The aim of the shoot was to produce something that showcased the vintage style of my jewellery and button bouquets and hair accessories but that also reflected the edgy alternative style of my brides. Dolly really ‘got’ what I was after and decided to go for a richer, more fashion-orientated look than the twee bridal product shoots you see so often. Stephanie Kipling from MAC did the make-up for the shoot, and I especially loved her decision to give my gorgeous brunette model Laura Charlton a more dramatic look, rather than play it safe with the more obvious ‘peaches and cream’ bridal tones.”

Don’t you just love these? For more info on all of the bouquets and accessories you see here, be sure to check out the DC Bouquets website!

Huge love and thanks to Debs & Dolly for sharing their awesome work with us today.

Photography Credit: Dolly Photography
Venue: Whitley Hall
Bouquets & Accessories: DC Bouquets

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love!


  1. Lovely! I had flower bouquets and button holes but I customised them by adding strands of wire with buttons on and got my florist to insert them for me. I used buttons from my mum, grandparents and my mother in law. I even found a box of buttons that belonged to my great grandmother. They looked awesome and it was lots of fun making them!

  2. LOVE debs work, and I have been lucky enough to borrow a couple of pieces from her for my own trash the dress picture (see headband in picture of me on the right) Debby is a lovely lady, who has a real passsion for her work, she offers first class customer service and is always coming up with new and gorgeous designs for her brides.
    Anyone booking Debby to create something for their wedding will be very very happy with the results. xxxxx

  3. Charlie

    Waaaay too expensive for mere mortals like myself, I really don’t know any ‘rock n roll brides’ who could afford most of the products here. Of course that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous, which no one could deny they are!

  4. Pickle

    I agree Charlie! I have fell in love with them but my heart sank when I saw the price tag!!!

  5. Peri

    lovely bouquets, for all you girls worried about the price go onto forums and search crystal bouquets there are lots around, love bouquets is a really good one for budget brides!


    Kat, that’s what you need to do! do a article on them as a hole with a few different companies for all budgets! 🙂 xx

  6. Thanks for all the comments about my bouquets – it’s really good to know what people think about my work – positive and not-so-positive!

    As some people have pointed out there certainly are other people who create crystal/jewellery/button bouquets – of varying types and price ranges so there really is something for most budgets.

    My bouquets are not designed to be a budget option – I am too much of a perfectionist to compromise on the quality of my supplies or of my work! I treat my bouquets as works of art – each one individually-designed to reflect the bride’s theme and personality – and it takes me many, many hours to put the pieces together. My prices reflect not only the time I spend making them but the cost of the materials, the time I spend coming up with bespoke designs for each bride and the hours of scouring antique stores and fairs for jewellery and buttons. In fact if I priced my bouquets according to the actual time I spend making them it would be pointless me carrying on with my business as no-one would ever commission me – the fact that I love what I do makes me determined to take the hit and carry on!

    I should also mention that my most expensive pieces are extremely large bouquets – if you’re planning to wear a slimline, fishtail or prom-style dress I would recommend my smallest size bouquets and posies, which don’t cost much more than a traditional floral bouquet, but will last much longer and make a beautiful heirloom piece to pass on to your loved ones.

    I know that not everyone will be able to afford my pieces – but hopefully these photographs will give you all lots of inspiration to make your bouquets unique, memorable, personal…and, well, rock ‘n’ roll!

    Thanks once again for all your comments, thank you to Dolly for taking the pictures and Kat for sharing them, I’m so proud to have been featured on Rock n Roll Bride!

  7. Debbie I adore you work and I think you are so worth the price as your bouquets have heirloom quality – I would love to buy one and know when I am a little old lady in MANY years time I could send my daughter or grand daughter down the aisle with the bouquet that I had in my youth. Gorgeous, I love!

  8. Dee

    i love the bouquets they are gorgeous but find your reply a bit offensive to other companies who are for budget brides.

    yes budget sometimes means compromise but to be a bride who did everything on budget thanks to some lovely ladies on moneysavingexpert.com and had a very small budget, my wedding was not compromised on quality one bit.

    you also say in your message that your smallest bouquets and posies cost around the same as a traditional floral bouquet, that’s fine but if that is the size is of the smaller ones in your picture, then i have to agree that they are ( in my eyes) overpriced.

    i got 5 vintage button bouquets , 12 button holes and 6 corsages made in Australia for less than £500, now no way did she compromise on the quality and design of my bouquets and customized them to my every need.

    if i could have found a company in the UK that was in my price range i would have but i couldn’t, my bouquet was the size of one of your large ones for the price of your small ones.

    and before i get abused for this, i appreciate the time and effort gone into these but i have made a button bouquet for a dear friend of mine with over 900 buttons and 90 stems ( 10 buttons to a stem) and it took me 2 evenings to do and the end result was beautiful and like you said a heirloom but no way did i compromise.

    would you say to a photographer because you only charge x amount of money you must be compromising on the quality and time you spend taking and editing the photo’s? because there are a lot of amazing wedding photographers who are super budget friendly.

    please take no offense to this, it’s just how i see it from a brides eye.

  9. Dee, I completely understand your view point but in my eyes what you choose to comes down to personal choice (which is the Rock n’ Roll ethos in my opinion) and I think the great thing that I love about Rock n Roll bride is the wide variety in terms of options, pricing and style reflected that the weddings and accessories showcased here. Some weddings are all out extravaganzas, while some have been high street works of wonder, or real D.I.Y dynamite.

    I don’t think that Debbie is saying that a wedding bouquet done on a budget is any way lesser than her work, or that in some way that a compromise has been made. I personally thought she gave a really well reasoned account of what her charges were.

    I know when I got married our splurge item was the photography, while everything else was budget – but we were willing to do that because that was our choice on where our big money went. In the same way that I think while maybe Debbie’s bouquets might not be in everyone’s price range there will equally be someone who says ‘the bouquet will be my splurge item and I want it for my big day, and that is where my money will go’.

    I still recall one of my mates who had a £20,000 budget and dedicated £9,000 of that to her dress which was Vera Wang-tastic. I wouldn’t spend £9,000 on a dress and thought she could have got more for her budget – but that was her choice, for her day.

    Also, on the photographer analogy I know loads of photographers who start lower and the gradually move up their charges. Being at the lower price end once again isn’t a compromise on quality – but all the people I personally know who were budget friendly have progressively got more expensive as their experience grows (as it should do). I recall Julia Boggio saying that she couldn’t have afforded what her current price for photography when she got married.

    On the flip side of that I know way too many photographers/makers/creators; who because of a lack of confidence in their work, or and they are scared of seeming diva-ish when they name their price – who are going down the starving artist route because they don’t want to upset people with their prices.

    I guess my rather long winded point is that while that for some it might be too expensive in my eyes, for someone else Debbie’s work is well worth paying for – and I am not saying this to blow smoke up Debbie’s patootie – but if she had been around the time I got married – I would have had one of her bouquets regardless of the pricetag.

    But, also wouldn’t it be equally patronising not to show Debbie’s work and make the assumption that no one could or would buy it?

  10. Dee

    I can get what you’re saying and totally understand it but would it not be a better idea to do a article on what is a coming fashion now rather than focus on one designer?

    no offense intended but i why is Debbie’s work any better than any of these other designers that haven’t been blogged? and no offense intend to you Kat because your blog is AWESOME! 🙂

  11. Dee, for me the article was about three things Debbie’s bouquets and Dolly Photography who took the awesome-sauce images and the fact that they came together because of Kat’s blog…

    I love the blog because I am a image junkie, and nosey rubbernecker and I am blown away by the creativity of all the shoots that Kat posts. But, the key thing is I always see this blog as inspiration a launch point for people to come to and build on that to create their kind of wedding. I didn’t see this post as Debbie being the only person capable of doing this. I just thought it was the venn diagram of what happens when great people and a great blogger come together as this shoot happened because they found each other through the blog.

    Hope I don’t seem argumentative (although my husband claims I am – but it’s lies, I tell you lies) but I thought that with the magic of google that everyone has the choice to look for alternatives if they so choose. I wish I could see you Dee, because I worry I seem a bit combative and I am nice and fluffy really.

  12. Debbie’s bouquets are a real work of art that are literally jaw droppingly gorgeous in real life. I used two for a photo shoot last year and everyone could not stop looking/talking about them. The prices in my opinion are more than justified for the hours of work that goes into creating such amazing pieces. I think in this area of expertise you definitely get what you pay for.

    Kat features a range of suppliers on here that cater to different budgets – it would be a real shame not to cover all areas

  13. Post author

    Dee, I featured this photo shoot because I love the bouquets, I love the photography and debs and photographer Dolly found each other via Rock n Roll Bride so not only did I want to share some gorgeous eye candy but to show how great it is working together.

    Your comments are mean and insensitive towards Debbie. Yes, maybe her bouquets might be out of a lot of people’s budget’s but to be honest this wasnt the point of the post. My attacking Debbie and her work you will only have upset her whilst the point of this post was supposed to be a celebration of how fabulous she and her bouquets are.

    To be blunt, Rock n Roll Bride is MY blog and I will feature whomever I like. I wanted to showcase Debbie’s work as I love her – it has nothing to do with price. she is a wonderful, generous and awesome person. If i wanted to do an overview of different options I would have. But i didn’t.

    Please take your hurtful and negative comments elsewhere. I don’t know why this post has turned out to be so controversial!

  14. nat

    Kat i agree. its not about price its about the blog itself..theres no need to bring up other companies on a blog that features one business thats not very fair…Debbie’s work is brill as these pics show and she deserves to have her work blogged about. debbie you know i love your work xxx

  15. That was not a harsh response at all! Poor Debbie felt she had to justify her prices when she absolutely doesn’t need to.

  16. Lesley

    Debbie, your price is more than reasonable for a LUXURY HANDCRAFTED BOUQUET and you should not have to defend it. There are so many talented artists struggling because they are too scared to charge prices that are fair to THEM because of comments like yours, Dee. Debbie’s words weren’t harsh at all, but I think they struck a nerve with you because as you admitted, you had a budget wedding and would not have been able to afford her bouquet as an option. That’s what this is all about. Not featuring other artists, or providing options or whatever.
    Debbie, please don’t be hurt as this is more about the commenter than your beautiful items.
    Dee, I’m sure your wedding was lovely and I’m sure it was one of your happiest days. At the end of the day, the budget didn’t really matter, did it?

  17. Dee

    I would have been able to afford her bouquet because there are things you go mad on and things you save on, i just cant justify the money a large bouquets cost, nothing against the lady herself, it could be any bouquet seller i just couldn’t justify the price, i considered her bouquets as a few others but found that Aus was for some reason better priced.

    you only have to look on Etsy to see that.

  18. Post author

    Dee have you seen the post I put up yesterday about online negativity and comment etiquette? I suggest u read it

  19. Helen sharland

    Dee are you self employed?
    FYI Australia is booming in a time when the rest of the world is falling, to survive as a small business in the UK right now is impressive in itself.
    Keep a lid on it.

  20. Amy D

    I’m in love with these!! Completely smitten!!!! I’m planning a Vegas wedding so will be nice to be able to pack something and know that my bouquet will be awesome – don’t want to turn up to a less then perfect bouquet! They will go beautifully with my vintage vibe! I’ve been checking out Debbies website and she offers such a wide range of sizes and prices its almost difficult to pick, not feeling that the comments above are fair considering the price of fresh flowers and the range of options this bouquet artist offers! Can’t wait to start working on my bouquet with Debbie!

  21. Like Debbie we also sell a lot of high end goods and I feel its nice to hear that Debbie feels her products are worth the amount of money on the price tag. We sell antique pieces and often get requests on lowering the price and while its always good to keep a happy customer you have to look at the item and think of the workmanship, blood, sweat, tears and skills involved in the production of such impressive pieces of jewellery, often filled to the brim with diamonds and base your answer around this.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful images.


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