A Sunday Kind of Love – Taking a Break from the Booze

October 16, 2011

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Brighton ♥ bacon & eggs sarnies ♥ sheds ♥ hanging out with horses ♥ honeymoon suites ♥ giant baths ♥ surprise takeaways (aww I love my husband) ♥ waking up hangover-free! ♥ kitty snuggles after being away ♥ the thought of not having to pack a suitcase for a while ♥

The Best of the Rest…

Credit: Pom Pom Factory This photo is unrelated to the post, I just loved it!

Something a little different and a little bit random for A Sunday Kind of Love this week…but a little thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Plus I figure if I announce it publicly I’ll be more likely to stick to it!

I’m giving up drinking for a month (I know OMG) but I’m actually surprisingly excited about the challenge. When you work from home it is all too easy to have a glass or two of wine every night…plus all these lovely industry events I keep getting invited too are always dripping in champers (oh it’s a hard life!) But seriously I do feel like my body needs a little break.

I’d love to be one of those naturally health-concious people – the kind that enjoy the gym and drink juice for breakfast…but nope, that’s definitely not me.

I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with my body over the years so although me putting on some weight over the past few months has been the catalyst to my anti-boozing idea, I’m really trying not to focus my energy on this and just see what the outcome is. I haven’t weighed myself in 5 years and I don’t plan to start now.

It is hard though, you know,’ body stuff’. The final straw came when I got one of my beautiful vintage dresses back from Fur Coat No Knickers last week (that they were ‘pimping’ for me…they even added a rainbow petticoat – my fave) and I could no longer get it on. Seriously sad face. That vintage prettiness can not go to waste!

I hate (with a PASSION) articles like ‘drop a dress size for your wedding’ or ‘loose 10lb in a week’ that the media has an tendancy to churn out on a regular basis and I promise not to do any of that, but if any of you lovely ladies (or gents!) wants to join me in this mini-adventure I’d be oh so greatful for the support.

If you see me tweeting about wine-o-clock I give you full permission to tell me off and I’ll do the same for you. So anyone wanna play along? Even Gareth has agreed to join in!

Happy Sunday people and here’s to a clear-headed 30 days!