A Sunday Kind of Love – Hello Kitty & Swarovski Collaboration!

This Week’s Love List…

♥ A September heatwave ♥ spending a week at the farm ♥ in house catering ♥ late night (early morning) drinking sessions with new friends ♥ chat roulette (who knew it was such a weird world out there!) ♥ rainbows and sun flare ♥ excitable puppies ♥ chilled out horses ♥ farm cats ♥ pink poofy petti’s ♥ people who go above and beyond ♥

The Best of The Rest…

Look what I spied in the window of my local Swarovski shop this week. Gareth groaned and I squealed. I even love the crystal figurines. This range is awesome right…? Or am I mental?

My wishlist…

This ridiculously expensive (but utterly adorable) bag

This super-sweet necklace (and the matching earrings!)

This stacked ring set

…and my favourite, this crystal kitty pendant!

Thoughts? Would any of you consider rocking some of these on your wedding day?


  1. Michelle

    The Hello Kitty stuff is soooo lovely, I’ve been trying to find a shop round the Coventry area that stocks it so I can see it in the flesh, I’m sure I could justify this as a wedding expense

  2. We loved you being apart of the first ever Photography Farm. Come back and visit again anytime! I better not let our 25 year old daughter see Swarovski Hello Kitty range. Could be a very expensive Christmas list!

  3. Not for wedding in our opinion, but looking nice. Stacked ring is our favourite. And the bag embellished with hundreds Swarovski crystals. That must sparkle in real life 🙂


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