A Sunday Kind of Love – Thinking Back

This Week’s Love List…

♥ OCC Lip Tar (obsessed.) ♥ freshly dyed hair ♥ my favourite dinner two nights in a row ♥ wedding dress shopping with Roo ♥ boxes and boxes of vintage trims ♥ feather coats ♥ reunions  ♥ sisters ♥ wooden skulls from South America ♥ dreaming of American candy ♥ when internet friends become real life friends ♥ all you can eat sushi (erm… again) ♥ late nights and early mornings ♥ afternoon tea at Sketch ♥ visiting my girls at Fur Coat No Knickers and being offered bubbles at 1pm ♥

Best of the Rest

I have been asked by a few of you recently about my old photo shoots so I thought I’d take you on a trip down memory lane today and share all the photo shoots I’ve done over the years to promote the blog (poser much?!) This post is especially for those readers who might not have been following the blog for that long. Oh what a difference four-odd years makes!

My Boudoir Shoot – Late 2007

Our Engagement Shoot – April 2008

My Bridal Shoot – May 2008

A Cold Day In Bognor – February 2009

Rockabilly with Rosie – March 2009

Pinky, Punky Princess – June 2009

Abbey Ruins Goth Shoot – July 2009

Vintage Boudoir – January 2010

Punk Rock (n Roll) Bride – May 2010

Mad Hatter Beach Shoot – June 1010

Tattoo Revolution Magazine Shoot – September 2010

Rock n Revolution – October 2010

At Home with the Rock n Roll Bride (and Groom) – November 2010

The Big Fat Wedding Bloggers Photo Shoot – February 2011

Beloved – March 2011

Magpie Vintage Promo Shoot – March 2011

Rock n Riot – May 2011

What’s your favourite then? And don’t I look so young in the first few!?

I have to say I always come back to the Rock n Revolution shoot. Paris is pretty hard to beat (although it may be done next year…when I head to do shoots in ahem Vegas AND New York!)

Eff. Yes.

Photography Credit  (in order of appearance): David McNeil PhotographyDavid McNeil Photography,  David McNeil PhotographyDavid McNeil Photography, Rosie Parsons Photography, Marianne Taylor Photography, Segerius Bruce Photography, Julia Boggio Photography, Emma Case Photography, Eliza Claire Photography, Al OverdriveDavid McNeil PhotographyEmma Case Photography, Devlin PhotosMarianne Taylor PhotographyDavid McNeil Photography, Steve Gerrard Photography


  1. Ahhhhhh…these are great Kat. Think the Paris shoot is probably my favourite too…. Very Annie Leibovitz! Looking forward to seeing what you come back with from the U.S! Safe travels!

  2. I think the punk/camden shoot is one of my favourites. Mainly because the shots of you with the grass as a backdrop are so iconic and such a strong representation of your brand. I also really love the mad hatter beach shoot. And, well, all of them really.

  3. i really love them all but i can’t go past the beloved shoot as it really shows the love you have for gareth and his in return. it’s sooo touching and real…. which is something special!

  4. Wow Kat!!!! what an amazing selection of photos! I would love to take photos of you! As I’m sure lots of other photographers would!!!! I love them all but I think my fave is “Magpie Vintage Promo Shoot – March 2011” there is something very sensual about it that I love! You’re a very lucky lady 🙂

  5. Brilliant stuff

    I’ve got a grungy goth wedding dress shoot in Paris coming up soon and I admit it’s not totally uninspired by yours 😉

  6. So nice to have been apart of Rock N Roll Bride in the early days. I remember us meeting for dinner at Westfield when you still worked in TV and I was retouching for Mario Testino! We would chit chat for hours about the wedding industry. Now, both full time business owners, it is fun to reminisce. Nice post.

  7. I have to commend your excellent taste in photographers which has opened my eyes to how dire and downright exploitative some are in the industry.
    My taste and yours in frocks is sometimes wildly separate – however you still rock some shockers.
    My pin-up as a kid was Siouxsie Sioux – I would properly love to see a Kat does Siouxsie shoot.
    Ps You’re v.Chrissy Hinde as a brunette!

  8. I really like the one of you and your husband laughing. I love when laughter gets captured on film it’s pretty magical! Thanks for sharing these. I just started following your blog last week. It’s so much fun,visually beautiful and unique. <3

  9. This is really fun to look through – someone left a comment on my blog yesterday about how we all yearn for stories about people and these images tell a story about you, and the growth of your blog – even if you are a total poser…. haha ;))

    You are one of the first blogs I came across when I was planning my wedding – you were actually still planning your wedding when I came across it! You’ve inspired me to do my thing and be comfortable with who I am.

    Well done Kat for everything you have achieved so far with Rock n Roll Bride. Be very proud and grab with both fists all the amazing opportunities now coming your way.

    My fave image from above is the one of you and Gareth 🙂


  10. Wow what a brilliant collection of images. The Paris shoot is soooo iconic but the eyes have it in the Rock n Riot shoot. Thanks for sharing these with us 🙂

  11. They are all such good shots, maybe you could be a judge on Britains Next Top Model?!
    I cant imagine you without the pink hair now – when I think of Kat it is the pink hair I think of. I love “Rock n Revolution” as the hair bow and cut of the dress are just gorgeous. I also love “Rock n Riot” as you look so sexy – I’m sure Gareth growls at that one ha ha! But then I also love the ones with you and Gareth as you are so relaxed together and have fun and frankly that is what marriage is all about.

  12. Yep it was a big ol’ compliment – enjoy the US!
    Ps – am very jealous as i’ve never been there!
    Pps It just wouldn’t be right if we all liked the same frocks 😉

  13. LeAnna

    I love them all, but the Big Fat Wedding pic has to be my favorite. You look quite stunning, especially with all the colors.

  14. Colene

    How have I never seen the Magpie Vintage photos?!?!? You look absolutely STUNNING in that picture – like actual chills up my spine! Very glam/goth!


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