A Sunday Kind of Love – The Quiet Place

This Week’s Love List…

♥ Shooting with Ashton ♥ learning some sign language ♥ fitting back into my vintage dress after just three weeks of not drinking!!!! ♥ spending the day with Elbie ♥ Gareth’s quiff ♥ snuggles with Rachel ♥ strong coffee ♥ getting into the Christmas spirit (too early?) ♥ owl cushions ♥ more exciting chats and plans with Megan ♥

Best of the Rest…

(graphic by me, idea via .la douleur exquise.)


  1. Had 48 hours of quiet space, I have done pretty much next to nothing and it was amazing… and I was amazed by how surprised people are when you say you are doing nothing at all. We get too busy with too much pointless crap it is so necessary, to turn off and drop out every so often. So right, everyone needs a quiet place.

  2. Oh crikey, after a rather intense day (break ups – don’t you just love ’em) that was exactly what I needed. I sat and had a good cry and then just felt peaceful. Thanks, lovely. A clear head is good. x


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