A Sunday Kind of Love – Angelberry Lipstick Winner & Welcome to the Photography Farm

This Week’s Love List…

♥ husband’s who paint their wives nails (and ahem do an awesome job!) ♥ impromptu dinners at un-fancy restaurants ♥ lazy Mondays ♥ facials and massages (it’s a hard life) ♥ rockstar photographer friends ♥ invites to Spain (!) ♥ invites to New York (!!!) ♥ sparkly new shoes (thank you Terri!) ♥ Gala’s wedding ♥ Bad Girls marathons ♥ fluttery eyelashes ♥ twirly dresses ♥ rediscovering my love of film photography ♥ spending time away from my desk (!) ♥ effing exciting new projects ♥ chalkboard skulls ♥ best friends and giggles ♥ glitter in your hair

I also wanted to let you all know that the winner of the Angelberry Lipstick giveaway is…

Kat’s Meow

Congratulations to Pip who came up with this awesome name. This lipstick will forever be called Kat’s Meow and it’s all down to you and your fabulously creative idea! Chistine will be in touch soon to get your address to ship out your very own tube of lippy!

Best of the Rest…

But the main reason for excitement this week is that I’m here to announce the launch of The Photography Farm that I’ve been invited along as a special guest and to model for! There will also be a real life couple modeling for the engagement shoot portion of the workshop. Woooo. Hoooo.

Brainchild of the fabulous Lisa Devlin, The Photography Farm is a 3 day photography workshop focussing on an intimate and totally Rock n Roll approach to learning. The first Photography Farm will be taking place on the 27th – 29th September and will revolve around engagement and wedding photography. The price of this fabulous event is just £750 (this will increase to £1000 after the first workshop) and you’ll get accommodation (the farm is located close to Gatwick Airport), all food including a celebration dinner on the last night and fun provided. I’ve also been reliably informed that there is a pool, a hot tub and tennis courts…

This will be a small workshop with only 10 students. At the time of publishing there are currently only 5 spaces remaining for this first event.

For more info and details or to book your spot, email Lisa on lisa@devlinphotos.co.uk or call 01273231047

I’ll see you there!


  1. Love the lipstick name Pip – and I also love the Angelberry website…log on now for the perfect self-affirming Sunday soundtrack, I’m keeping the site up all day!

    Congratulations to Lisa on her Photography Farm workshop – I KNOW it will be amazing and can’t wait to see the pix that come out of it!


  2. Eeeeek!!! I’m going to this, I really can’t wait and now I get to meet you too!! Wooohoooo! So excited, but now also wondering what on earth to wear :/ xxxx

  3. Post author

    Im looking forward to meeting you Sara…and hanging out at the pool, drinking cocktails, having swanky meals and calling it ‘work’. LOVE. Thanks to Lisa for inviting me!

  4. What? That is work, well it is at Photography Farm! Thanks Kat for posting this and for agreeing to be our first special guest. I will get the husband to work on a pink cocktail in your honour. I very much look forward to welcoming you and some kick-ass photographers on 27/09

  5. Heather Foster

    I’m half of the real life couple!!! We are so unbelievably excited about the shoot…it’s gonna be awesome. Just can’t wait. Will be great to meet you. Just a fantastic opportunity for everyone…especially me and my Bob! xxx


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