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I’m Closer Magazine’s Newest Columnist!

headshots 2015 shell de mar (5)

Happy Sunday gorgeous! I just wanted to pop by today and share some exciting news. I’ve been asked by Closer Magazine to be a regular columnist!

Once a month I’ll be writing something for them (and you!) which will help you with your (alternative) wedding planning. My first article is live on their website right now and its about one of my favourite (or should that be LEAST favourite?!) topics – the pressure on brides to lose weight for their weddings. Oh I do love the chance to rant about this one.

Weight Loss

Graphic by Veronica Dearly for Rock n Roll Bride magazine, issue 6

I’m so excited that Closer have asked me to do this, what a dream job! If you enjoyed the article it would be awesome if you’d send them a tweet or comment on Instagram to let them know too.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine ♥ Rock n Roll Bride (& I’m Not Afraid to Show Off About it)

I’ve been very lucky to have been featured in quite a few magazines since starting Rock n Roll Bride. But this is the biggie. The top of the tree. The one that makes you fall of your seat and pinch yourself – hard.


cosmopolitan mag rock n roll bride

I’m also mentioned on the cover! I did offer to be the cover star but they felt that Kimberley Walsh might shift more copies. I was assured I was a very close second choice though.

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Rock n Roll Bride ♥ Cosmopolitan Magazine

Please excuse me for one second because I’m about to be 100% uncool. But you know what, I really don’t care because…

I’m in Cosmopolitan Magazine!

Yeah no big deal or anything, it’s only one of the biggest magazines in the world.

I first met some of the awesome girls who work at Cosmopolitan at their blog awards last year where I was crowned wedding blog of the year. I already knew what gorgeous girls they where, but when David submitted deputy editor Suzy’s wedding to me over the Summer, and then she emailed me to say how excited she was to be on my blog… well I just about died. Then, just last month, they got in touch again to ask if they could run a feature on Rock n Roll Bride (ekkk! More on this soon!) but also to ask if I could help them out with an article on tattooed brides. Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to dive on-board wholeheartedly.

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Recent Press: January 2012

Wow January has been such a blur! In fact it’s moved at such a super fast speed and so much has been going on that it feels like May or something already. So much has happened this month (good stuff by the way…) and as always the British press have been nothing but wonderful to me. Thank you to all the feature writers, editors and journalists that are so supportive of Rock n Roll Bride.

Photo Professional Magazine

This month’s article was a homage to my friend Ashton Jean-Pierre – not only his fantastic work with film photography but how he overcomes being a deaf wedding photographer in a hearing world.

In shops now.

Wedding Magazine

Rainbow, rainbow everywhere! I was so pleased when Wedding Magazine agreed to feature some of my favourite rainbow wedding ideas this month. Rainbow is without a doubt my very favourite colour…

In shops now

Reverie Magazine

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Recent Press: December 2011

See Hear

You’re probably sick of hearing me bang on about the fact that Gareth & I were featured on the BBC’s See Hear programme by now, but this is for those of you not in the UK who won’t have been able to see the show yet…

Apologies in advance for the long cheesy slideshow. I promise we had nothing to do with that! Whoever edited the show needs to read my blog more I think – this kind of old fashioned video slideshow editing is not OK!

Photo Professional

Themed weddings are increasingly popular among alternative brides, so this month I wrote about how wedding photographers can approach shooting but also attracting these kinda of awesome clients (ahem like the readers of my blog!) in the first place.

In shops now.

Marie Claire (India)

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