Recent Press – April 2011

Wow. I love April. This month my little blog and I have had a record amount of press coverage…internationally as well as locally. Blown away.

Photo Professional

I was more than a little bit thrilled when Photo Professional magazine not only agreed to me writing my latest article on the power of working together with your traditional ‘rivals’ rather than fighting against them, but that they let me pimp out the photographs from The Big Fat Wedding Blogger’s Photo Shoot to illustrate…oh and gave me 3 pages rather than my usual 2 – yeeey!

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Perfect Wedding

I was asked by the editor of Perfect Wedding if I’d like to contribute to an article they were writing on vintage bridal fashion. I jumped at the chance and listed some of my top tips for buying vintage pieces for your wedding.

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The Sunday Times, Style Magazine (Ireland)

Yes I was in The Sunday Times – even my Dad was impressed with this one! A journalist working for the Irish edition of the newspaper got in touch and asked if I could help her with her research into vintage weddings and dresses. There were quotes from me throughout the article. I did a little squeal when it landed on my doorstep this month.

AbouTime (SA)

This was a bit of a new thing for me. South African in-flight magazine, AbouTime wanted to run a piece on alternative weddings and asked me to work with them to put it together. It was a pleasure to re-visit some of my all time favourite South African weddings.

You can read the article online here.

The Deccan Chronicle (India)

Big love and adoration to Louise at Whimsical Wonderland Wedding blog for mentioning Rock n Roll Bride in this article she helped out with. The Deccan Chronicle is one of India’s largest daily papers and is also sold in the UK.

You can read the article online here.

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine (UK) ran a top 5 wedding blogs list in this month’s issue and guess who was nestled amongst them? Yeah baby…

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WED Magazine

In my second article for the Cornish magazine, Wed, I wrote about my favourite ways to really rock your reception.

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Save the Date

Save the Date magazine is a magazine local to the Midlands (UK) In their latest edition they ran a feature on their favourite wedding blogs and yep, there I am! I look forward to working with the girls behind this magazine more in the future.

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  1. Littlepickle

    Aw amazing! I bet you are so glad you gave up the ‘day job’ and went full time. It’s great to see how you have progressed over the years…thanks Kat for being so rock n roll and an inspiration to all us alternative brides (and some more traditional ones as well no doubt!)

  2. I have been getting Photo professional magazine for about 18 months now and was delighted when I saw you get a slot each month, they are great articles and I save every copy, guess I am a bit of a geeky nerd when it comes to photography, and as I have said before this is the best wedding blog in the whole wide world.

  3. unsure how I have missed this! I can’t believe it was such a recent departure….do you frequently pinch yourself? Or are you too busy?! Well done xx

  4. Post author

    thanks girls
    Carolanne – i have a regular column with photo pro and wedding magazine (which is bi-monthly) the other ones are pretty much always come about when they find me and ask for me to contribute which is great!!

    ive built up a good relationship with a number of journalists and magazine editors over the past few years. i love how blogs and magazines are now working so closely together and i think its a really exciting thing for the industry

  5. Big congrats to you Lady!! Working hard and loving what you do has put you in the”Spotlight”!!


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