I’m Closer Magazine’s Newest Columnist!

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Happy Sunday gorgeous! I just wanted to pop by today and share some exciting news. I’ve been asked by Closer Magazine to be a regular columnist!

Once a month I’ll be writing something for them (and you!) which will help you with your (alternative) wedding planning. My first article is live on their website right now and its about one of my favourite (or should that be LEAST favourite?!) topics – the pressure on brides to lose weight for their weddings. Oh I do love the chance to rant about this one.

Weight Loss

Graphic by Veronica Dearly for Rock n Roll Bride magazine, issue 6

I’m so excited that Closer have asked me to do this, what a dream job! If you enjoyed the article it would be awesome if you’d send them a tweet or comment on Instagram to let them know too.

Have a great rest of the weekend babes. I’m off to figure out what I should write about next. I love you!



  1. Charlotte Bracke

    Thanks for that!
    It’s the truth!
    When I bought my wedding dress, the retailer asked me if I was going to loose some Weight. I asked myself “why?! Should I?! Do I look fat?!!!” And I answered “euh…no…”. The retailer told me I didn’t need it but it causes me to question.
    We havé some Many other things to think When we are going to get married!

  2. Katie

    I totally agree with your sentiments about this whole issue of weight & bridal industry ….. but I wonder why you made the choice to write for Closer magazine, which is a magazine that features a great deal of content about diets, and endless articles criticising celebrities for their weight loss/ weight gain/ beach photos or whatever … Closer just seems a strange choice, as it seems that the philosophy of the magazine is at odds with your own?

  3. Post author

    Hey Katie – I try to be a beacon of positivity (body or otherwise) wherever my writing might end up. Maybe I can educate the people that usually really Closer that there is another way of thinking!


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