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A Love Letter to Los Angeles: An Intimate Wedding and a Masquerade Party

Intimate Los Angeles Wedding // Novel Hill

Greetings! If you were offline for the bank holiday weekend you may have missed my post yesterday about the blog’s brand new look! It’s looking so pretty, shiny and new right now it makes me all excited to see my next post go live – ha! But on with the real reason you’ve stopped by today, to see Ren and Angela’s gorgeous wedding.

Held in LA in October, the pair were inspired by the city itself for their wedding. “Los Angeles became an inspiration”, said the bride. “We were both raised in other parts of the country but found each other in Los Angeles over 10 years ago. We’ve lived here together ever since and our wedding was a bit of a love song to the city as well as to each other. We got ready at our bungalow in Silver Lake and were married under the Los Angeles skyline at sunset.”

Intimate Los Angeles Wedding // Novel Hill

“Bohemian turned posh as we were driven into Beverly Hills where we dined at a.o.c. on all our favourite foods. There was live jazz and Ren sang me love songs. Late night, we traded Beverly Hills for the grit of Hollywood. We put on animal masks and arrived at Jones Hollywood for cake and cocktails and a masquerade with all our friends! We danced until 4am and found our way home at dawn.”

Intimate Los Angeles Wedding // Novel Hill

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New Orleans Masquerade Wedding: Leslie & Collin

New Orleans Masquerade Wedding-Select Studios 27

I receive upwards of 50 submissions on a daily basis, and needless to say I do see a lot of very similarly styled weddings. So when a wedding like Leslie & Collin’s lands in my inbox I’m over the moon, thrilled and super duper excited to feature it because it’s just so different. I’m totally losing my cool over this theme and the way the couple executed it. They also planned and styled the entire wedding themselves, making it a million percent more awesome in my book.

The wedding took place in New Orleans at Race & Religious, a 1830s Louisiana compound full of restored Creole cottages. The bride, a fashion stylist, and the groom, a photographer, really wanted to put their own stamp on the day but also to have a wedding that worked with the surroundings… and what could be more perfect for New Orleans than a masquerade ball?!

New Orleans Masquerade Wedding-Select Studios 24

“We wanted to create a unique wedding and a fun celebration!” began Leslie. “We have been together for 12 years. I met Collin when I moved to Houston from California. Since the day we met, we have not been apart! We currently live in Houston, TX but often travel to New Orleans, and we decided it would be a great city to have our friends and family from all over the states and Mexico to come visit! We love anything vintage, antique, rustic, circus, masquerade, old films, vaudeville… so that was our theme for the wedding. Our guests were a mix of high school friends, fashion industry friends and both of our families. We did a lot of DIY and involved our families and friends to help us as much as possible.”

New Orleans Masquerade Wedding-Select Studios 41

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A Woodland Party Wedding: Kat & Mat

“Woodland party circus!” replied newlywed Kat when I asked her to describe her wedding. “At least that was the three things we kept saying to people when they asked what our wedding was going to be like.”

Kat & Mat were married at The Hideout, a bar and music venue in Chicago. “We really didn’t want to have a traditional banquet wedding, and we both wanted something that was very relaxed”, the bride continued. “The ceremony was an important part of the day for us but we also knew the party was equally important! We saw the reception part of the evening an opportunity to really celebrate with all the friends and family who had come from both close (a few blocks away) and far (as far as Australia). We racked our brains and both of us have some great memories of The Hideout. We spend a lot of time going to shows there and we even first met at one, so it seemed like a natural fit. I think the venue was what really made our wedding special and started to really define how we were going to work in the rest of the details.”

The theme was really a naturally evolving process, which started with the animal masks that Kat found on Etsy. “I actually found the fox mask first, which Mat liked, and the owl was just perfect for me”, she explained. “Later we discovered there’s a poem called The Owl and Fox that talks about the unlikely meeting of an owl and a fox and how they form a ever-lasting partnership. It was all just too perfect.”

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A Masquerade Wedding: Zoe & Chris

Many couples shy away from heavily themed weddings, but I have to say when they’re done well they can be darn right incredible. Zoe & Chris’ masquerade wedding is testament to that! The Australian couple met before the ceremony with their closest family to have some quiet time, as well as time for photographs, before the festivities began. “Chris collected me from the hotel and we went to meet our close family at a beautiful inner city garden to crack some champagne and make a toast to the rest of the night,” Zoe explained. “This was a beautiful opportunity to spend some time with those closest to us before the party began. We got some beautiful photos in the afternoon light as well.”

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Uber Nightclub, Brisbane. “We are high school sweethearts and have been engaged for over 5 years,” Zoe continued. “During the ceremony we lit two pillar candles to symbolise Chris’ mum and brother who have passed away due to illness – these stayed lit all night in the room and was a beautiful reminder that they were there with us.”


“Our guests ended up nicknaming the night as the ‘Sexy Dream’ which is exactly what I was aiming for. I was inspired by burlesque, masquerade, sexy, mysterious and flirtatious. Chris and I both work in the music industry so our wedding was always going to be a little left of centre. Most of our friends are also in the music industry and I wanted the wedding to have the Rock n Roll element but wanted it to be glamorous and romantic at the same time. I also wanted the wedding to be interactive for the guests so when they arrived they were handed a small burgundy silk pouch full of gold pieces for the bar, they were asked to choose an antique key from a dress model at the door which they could then try in locks on bird cages throughout the venue which contained little goodies such as bottles of champagne, Charbonnel et Walker truffles etc. We also had an amazing photo booth running for the whole night which was a huge success and then once the guests had their photo prints, they could customer make their own take home mini photo album.”

“I absolutely recommend a DIY wedding,” the bride concluded. “You get so much more satisfaction with the final result and it means you can share some great experiences with friends and family bringing the whole thing together. It also means you can bring your dream to life just the way you pictured it.”

The bride wore a dress which she designed herself and handmade with the help of her mother. Her ‘mask’ was a black piece of lace, which she’d bought from etsy.

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A New Orleans/Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Wedding: Emily & Courtney

New Orleans has a lot of sentimental meaning to both Emily & Courtney. Although their wedding day in Virginia, they wanted a New Orleans/Mardi Gras theme for the event. Their wedding photographer Crystal George explains, “Emily had been through some pretty difficult years and took a trip to New Orleans on her 28th birthday. During that trip she said she hit a turning point in her life. The city itself has been through so many difficulties and still perseveres with it’s culture and beauty, and she said it was an inspiration to her. At a large cathedral, St Louis Cathedral, there in the city she had a spiritual moment.”

“On her 31st birthday she revisited the city, bringing Courtney along. They had a civil ceremony and then visited the cathedral together. For their church celebration at Grace Memorial Episcopal Church (the images here) and their wedding party they wanted to continue that New Orleans theme. With an unpretentious black tie celebration and masquerade.

The reception was held at The Aviary, VA, and the couple crafted as much as they could themselves to fit the theme. “Emily is super creative and she says that her wedding she wanted to do her way, and feel like it had her fingerprints all over it,” Crystal continued. “The decor for the reception was all from the bride and groom’s own collection of things from New Orleans, including the dress and lingerie the bride wore for the civil ceremony.

“Emily wanted vivid color and a comfortable feel. She handpainted and blinged out the bridesmaids shoes and masks to match each girl’s personality. She also as customizing the earrings for the girls.”

“The bouquets were made by Skull Fly and had 5 removable pieces in them for the girls to keep and use later. They were a necklace, 2 hairpieces, a brooch and a hair clip. Skull Fly also made Emily’s bouquet and the boutonnieres for the men.”

“Emily & Courtney were working on a budget. They did specialty drinks for their bar, serving beers from New Orleans including Turbo Dog and Black Voodoo, and Hurricanes etc. Anything other than the specialty drinks was paid for by the guests. Their food was made by friends of the bride and included blackened Cajun shrimp, chilis and a sweet potato bar.”

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A Rustic & DIY Wedding on a Farm: Ashley & Justin


That’s the noise my heart made when I clapped eyes on Ashley & Justin’s wedding. These guys are Rock n Roll gold and I’m so so so excited to be a-sharing these today.

The wedding was held at Red Gate Farm in Tennessee, a beautiful 30 acre farm with a view of the mountains.

“We wanted to make sure the wedding was really laid back and not a typical, traditional wedding,” the gorgeous bride told me. “I love collecting antiques, so naturally I was really inspired by vintage themes. I also found a love for rustic, barn weddings. We couldn’t find any barn venues around here that really appealed to us, so with the help of our amazing photographer Tara, we found the location. It was absolutely perfect. The owners already had a lot of things on location for us to use, and they agreed to supply us with hay bales for seating! Score!”

“With the help from my mother-in-law, we searched thrift and antique stores for lace tablecloths, vintage napkins, vases, spice tins, afghans for the hay bales, etc. I couldn’t have done it all without her help.”

“Most of our wedding was DIY, she continued. “The most special DIY was my wedding dress, because my mother and I spent so much time reworking a dress I purchased from Unique Vintage. In the end, it was completely unique and one of a kind, just like my Mom!”

Ashley teamed her dress with Vivienne Westwood/Melissa shoes but she sprayed the hearts from red to green to they were totally one-of-a-kind.

“I had always wanted to have a paper flower bouquet, so I looked up tutorials online. They were slightly tedious, but really fun to make and worth it! They were WAY cheaper than real flowers, plus I can keep them forever. I also spent some time with two of my best girlfriends to make mustaches on sticks for our party favors. With the help from coupons and a friend who worked at a local craft store, I spent almost nothing in comparison to how much they were selling for on etsy. They were a huge hit with our guests too!”

“To any brides planning their wedding with time to spare, start working on DIY projects early on,” Ashley advises. “It will save you a lot of stress and late night crafting in the end. I started working on everything when we got engaged, and the week of the wedding was almost stress-free! Accept help from others. You don’t have to do everything on your own, and believe it or not, you can’t. Chances are, there will be plenty of friends and family around you that want to help. Let them.”

“Choose a photographer that that best suits your style. In the end, you only have your photos and you want them to be the best! I knew from day one that I wanted to work with Tara at Dixie Pixel. I have worked with her in the past and she is phenomenal at what she does. Her style of photography is like none other around here and I knew she would ‘get’ my vision, even if it was hard for me to put into words at first. I couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out. She and her assistant, James, were able to capture so many moments that I didn’t expect to see. It brought tears to my eyes all over again.”

Oh these are just so beautiful/awesome/crazy all at the same time!

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