Eyes Wide Shut Wedding Inspiration

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OK so it might seem like an odd place to find inspiration for your wedding, but Stanley Kubrick’s more than a little weird movie does have some killer style ideas. If you skip over the orgies and secret society-weirdness, the mask ball scenes were pretty darn beautiful.

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“Maureen and Patrick got married in Renvylle House in Ireland on 14th June this year”, wrote photographer Julia from Wonderfulife Productions. “They both share a love for video games and Stanley Kubrick films. When they got married they didn’t hire a professional photographer and so I was very excited to get involved afterwards as their style was so unique! Their wedding hinted an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ movie theme, where all the guests were told to wear black and white and given black and white masks at the reception as a token. For our post-wedding shoot, we basically re-created the look from the wedding and went to the same location, but with the added benefit of less stress and time pressure.”

eyes wide shut_wonderfulife productions_32

Yes, it might be slightly creepy, but I bet there’s quite a few of you out there that love the idea of donning a mask and having a ball at your wedding reception!

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  1. Looks really different from the traditional weddings that we see. The bride is wearing a black wedding dress. This is totally rocking. I wonder how the reception was like. I wonder what it looked like. I guess it was totally rocking too.

  2. agnes

    so cool! love the dress and the pettycoat especially, very cute couple you two! now i want an autumn wedding as well 🙂

  3. Wow – I love this. So different. Great to use a theme like a movie and then really play it out! I love how they made their day truly unique!! I love this black dress and LOVE the boots and petticoats!! Wonderful work all round <3


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