Cowboys & Indians

I’m pretty sure none of the adjectives flying around my head as I look at these images can do justice to this ridiculously, spectacularly, awesomely, fantastically, edgy and wicked shoot!

Alma & David got married in New Orleans and had a cowboys & indians style wedding! The pair actually acted as models in a workshop for 25 photographers who want to learn new techniques and to photograph a couple as cool as they are.


I’m sooo excited that photographer Belen sent her shots to me to feature – thanks so much chick!

Credit: Gerber + Scarpelli Weddings


  1. Wow! This is so very pretty, her tattoos and dress are so girly. Those matching cowboy boots are wonderful! This is a great find!

  2. This is very hot. Makes me want to get married again and do it even cooler than last time! Fair play to them for really making it their style, I love it.


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