Dances with Wolves

February 8, 2011

I’ve seen masks done before (this wedding was one of my favourites!) but I’ve never seen a couple dress as wolves before! This shoot by Rock n Roll Bride faves, Love me Do Photography made me stop in my tracks. There’s something a little freaky about it…but I totally love it!

The shoot took place in the woods by the Walnut Lane Bridge in Philadelphia and the masks, made by artist and film-maker, Travis Waugh for his independent film, ” I am the mountain, you are the water’s edge“, were lent to photographer Carina as she’d had an idea to do something like this for a while. “I don’t really have any words to describe my motive behind this shoot,” she told me.” All in all I guess I wanted to do the complete opposite of a normal “engagement shoot” all the while composing the type of photos I live for.”

So, what do you think!?

Thanks to Carina for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Love me Do Photography