Gothic Wedding at the Morbid Anatomy Museum

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March 23, 2017

Gothic Wedding at the Morbid Anatomy Museum (31)

Kim and Maik wanted their wedding to be non-traditional and were inspired by Rock n Roll and all things morbid. They described their wedding theme as ‘goth’, with a focus on the colour black. They hosted the day at a really unique venue – the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn!

“I’m super into all things morbid, so lots of black was a must,” explained Kim. “Maik isn’t as into that stuff as I am but being the sweetheart that he is he pretty much went with everything I suggested. We just wanted things simple but that we felt conveyed a sense of who we are. We are both creeps so we wanted that to come through. I don’t think anyone was surprised.”

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“We had a very short ceremony officiated by one of my best girlfriends from San Francisco, Jackie. Originally we were going to write our vows beforehand but both kept putting it off, so in the end we agreed to just keep what we said short and simple. Maik forgot half of what he wanted to say and I couldn’t say too much because I was already crying before I even walked out! I had my two younger brothers give me away and Jackie read pre-scripted vows that included a quick candle lighting ceremony and great quote from Doctor Seuss.”

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“Our biggest expense the food. People love to eat, and we both love food. Since we were keeping things minimal we at least wanted it to be delicious. We were lucky to find our caterer, Melody, she was fantastic! However we saved money by keeping things small. We didn’t do anything over the top and we kept the guest list way down too. My brother also made my bouquet and the centrepieces on the morning of the wedding. They were simple but fit the theme perfectly.”

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“Maik says the best thing about planning the wedding was doing the food tastings. But I’d say it was having his agreement in pretty much everything I wanted to do for the wedding!”

“The one thing we wish we’d know about planning a wedding before we began is that you should take more time than you think you need to prepare in the days leading up to it. I had to take a sick day beforehand because I didn’t realise how exhausted I’d be.”

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“Our advice for future brides and grooms is no matter how many people tell you you’re crazy you have to ultimately do what you want. Live in the moment for sure, nothing in life is guaranteed. Also, even if you are having a small wedding get a photographer! We’re so grateful to have so many great photos to remember it by.”

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  1. Sam B

    OMG!! I love it. That dress is amazing, I tried to get hold of that after seeing it online but there was nowhere nearby that stocked it…. it is AMAZING!! And your ombre pink hair… fab!!! Love it all. Congrats 🙂 xxxx

  2. When I read the title of this title I was excited! Then I realised I’ve seen this awesome couple before and was trying to figure out where… from my tattoo artists fb page! We share the same tattoo artist 🙂 Trust me their ink is as amazing as the wedding. How spooky 🙂

    Oh and congratulations to the two of you too.

  3. MissKimberlina

    I saw Sassy’s sneak peeks of these and immediately LOVED them! What an amazing couple and for doing their own spin on things 🙂

  4. Claudia

    I am not personally a huge fan of pink or animal print but I am out of my mind in love with this wedding! This is pretty much what I would want if I were to ever get married. Everything is perfect

  5. Utterly Gorgeous, loving the dip dyeing on the brides hair looks stunning…this is beyond rocktastic! x

  6. Aww so cute! I love the picture of them walking down the road with him holding the leopard print umbrella! What a cute couple! :0) X

  7. Great humour and styling! Loved it! It looks so simple. But it is soooo difficult to keep it all together like it is done! Congrats!

  8. RachyLou

    One of my favourite weddings ever! Leopard print, pink AND skulls gets some serious cool points! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see couples doing their own thing for their wedding days! xo

  9. Elena Gould

    Thanks all for the love, guys!! :’)
    Our big day was certainly worth all the effort, we would both do it all over again.

    And thank you Kat for publishing our amazing celebration, it has refreshed the beautiful memories of the day within our minds :).

    All the love! Xx

  10. This is one of my favorites of the weddings I’ve seen on your blog, and that is saying a lot! Everything about this is so cool. Congrats Ele & Raph!

  11. Drea

    Literally my dream wedding right here! I absolutely love cheetah print and have since I was little and probably always will. Plus, I love the color pink. Keeping this site in mind for when I start to plan my wedding. I love it!


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