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Bowie Parties in Hobbiton Wearing Liberace Cocktail Attire


Let’s Frolic Together

December 5, 2023

With a wedding theme like that, you just know Molly and Peter's wedding is going to be anything but traditional! The couple, who really wanted to be surrounded by everyone they love and lean into everything that them 'them', for their wedding, described it as "David Bowie parties in Hobbiton" with a Liberace-inspired cocktail attire dress code, this celebration was a riot of colours, laughter, and of course, love.

Whimsical Winter Wedding with a Southern Twist


Amy Van Vlear

November 27, 2023

Although married in California, Skyelar and Adam were very much inspired by the bride's Louisiana roots in the the greenery and general vibe of their winter wedding. Describing their theme as "Vintage Whimsigoth" and "Eclectic Winter Whimsy", the day was a celebration of them, with a beautiful blend of dark jewel tones and vintage charm. Adding in some drama with the florals, the day quickly turned into quite the gothic fairy garden.

Sparkles & Fireworks Inspired Working Men’s Club Wedding


Ellie Grace

September 27, 2023

Even the most non-traditional of weddings can often end up following a similar schedule and format. But for Lucy and Paul, who got engaged just six months after their romance rekindled after 12 years apart, they wanted to do things truly differently. With a modest budget, their two-day event was inspired by their love of sparkle, the date (November 5th) and the working men's club where they held the party.