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Black Wedding Dress

A Little Romance, A Little Rock n’ Roll


Payton Marie

November 28, 2023

Love, romance and second chances were the themes for Chandler and Nick's October elopement. Having both had a traditional wedding in the past, they decided to break free from convention this time around and create an intimate and enjoyable experience for them alone. They found a cabin to stay in and had a handfasting ceremony with ribbon from Chandler's aunt’s wedding dress. To top off the day, they did photos by the ocean and a hot tub party for two!

Festive, Movie Themed Wedding with Street Food & A Black Wedding Dress


Shutter Go Click

August 15, 2023

It may be summer (allegedly!) still, but if you're planning a festive wedding with an alternative edge then you are going to love Caro and Sam's celebration. Being non-binary, Caro in particular didn't vibe with a lot of the traditional wedding messaging, so they opted to do things their own way. Caro wore a custom made black dress from Lucy Can't Dance, they hired a the street food venue as their location and planned the day together.

Moody Desert Magic: A Utah State Park Ceremony


Emily Klarer

August 4, 2023

Having both been married before and done the big, traditional wedding thing, Candice and Kiel knew they wanted to do something entirely different for their wedding. Candice had visited Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah a few years previously and while she was there set some new intentions for her life. Just a few weeks later she met Kiel so it felt very fitting to go back to this beautiful and meaningful spot to say their vows.