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Sweet Backyard Elopement: Nicole & Tom


When it came to planning their wedding, Nicole & Tom knew they didn’t want a big fuss. In fact a private elopement at home was just the ticket. They did everything themselves from the decor to the food for their small number of guests and the music. They set up a video camera for the ceremony to be livestreamed to their friends & family that couldn’t attend.


“The main inspiration for our wedding was my dad”, Nicole wrote. “We actually weren’t planning on getting married until 2013 but when my dad got sick, we decided not to wait and planned it all in three weeks. We had it in my parent’s backyard so he didn’t have to travel anywhere and it made for a nice backyard venue. Because he was so sick, we didn’t want to bombard him with all of our family and friends flying in so we came up with the idea to stream the wedding live on the internet for everyone to watch. We had our guests take pictures of themselves watching our wedding and they did fun things like dress up and drink champagne and such. It turned out fantastic and my dad was actually able to walk me down the pathway.”


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Swinging Sixties Sunshine Wedding: Kara & Gary

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 202

The swinging sixties were the inspiration for Kara & Gary’s October wedding. That, and giant yellow balloons! The ceremony was held at the impressive Sefton Park Palm House and the reception was at The Hard Days Night Hotel. With the wedding taking place in Liverpool, The Beatles also played a vital role with them cropping up throughout the decor, on the cakes and even as the entertainment!

“Our theme was sixties sunshine!” began the bride. “Lots of bright sunshine yellow, lots of eyeliner & backcombing; daisies, vinyl records, a big red bus and some very skinny pants! Our wedding literally took shape because I saw and fell in love with a buttonhole made of billy balls online. I had never seen them before and I thought they were so fab I needed to have them! That was what started it all. I had picked my buttonholes and everything else would just need to fall into place! In the end the huge yellow balloons carried this round pop of sunshine through the wedding, and the bridesmaids wore a nice splash of yellow too!”

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 129

“Our wedding rocked because it wasn’t too rigidly tied to a theme and we went with what made us happy. If we liked something enough, it made the cut, whether it made sense or not! We love music so vinyl records featured heavily. We love Liverpool so we booked a Beatles cover band and our wedding favours were little hand stitched lambananas (synonymous with Liverpool and ever so cute! I didn’t care that half of the guests were from Yorkshire & had no clue what they were!)”

Sixties Sunshine_Raw Wedding Photography 336

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A Doggy Ringbearer, A Slimed Wedding Cake & An Epic Dance Party: Jen & Nick

Having never been to a traditional wedding as adults, Jen & Nick really had no preconceptions about what should happen at a wedding. Instead they took to it as they might when planning any party…and they did what they wanted!

“The only wedding either of us had been to in our adult lives was in an abandoned parking lot and lasted 20 minutes”, explained Nick, “so we had no preconceptions of what should happen. Our wedding was about having fun. We had a Mountain Dew fountain, glow stick cutlery, vintage cartoon paper plates, funnel cakes made to order and a late-night hot dog bar!”

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A Quirky Italian Wedding with Yellow Accents: Mariangela & Ignazio

In the most part Italian weddings are undeniably beautiful – the landscape, the buildings and the effortless chic of the people. Huge and family orientated traditional weddings are big business in Italy, with alternative or quirky nuptials being a rarity. So I was thrilled to receive Mariangela & Ignazio’s quirky Italian wedding recently – I love to show both sides of the story after all!

This pair wanted to fuse the traditional elements that are so important in their culture with a modern twist, and plan a wedding that really reflected them. “Unlike the most weddings in Italy, our vision of wedding was very unconventional”, explained the bride. “We imagined our wedding as not just a ceremony, but as a big party and a celebration of our love with the people we love most.”

“I was thrilled when I started to look around the internet for unique wedding ideas and found other unconventional brides on forums and on wedding blogs. Although not everything I found was really my style, they helped me to see beyond the tradition. We chose a cosy country estate as our wedding setting as it was the perfect place for an informal celebration. We didn’t care about what other the people would say or think about our choices, everything was done and led by our hearts. Basically we wanted to have fun and I think we succeeded in that!”

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A Modern Wedding at The Viceroy, Palm Springs: Melaina & Tim

I think I say this every time I feature a Palm Springs wedding but oh boy is this place on my holiday wish list… I’m also now pretty set on staying at The Viceroy after seeing this wedding. In fact I couldn’t think of a more perfect venue for a modern wedding with black, grey and yellow accents.

“We wanted an intimate destination wedding for around 50 of our friends and family in Palm Springs and the Viceroy had the perfect feel”, began Melaina, the bride. “Not to mention that our colors yellow, grey and black were in the decor already. An outdoor wedding was important to us and we didn’t want something stuffy or too traditional. The reading we chose for our ceremony was, The Owl and the Pussycat, and as our recessional music we walked out to ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello which is from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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A Modern Wedding on an Aeroplane: Robyn & Tom

Both air traffic controllers, and with a mutual attention to detail and love for planes, Robyn & Tom were thrilled when they were allowed to get married on a Pacific Western plane at Edmonton Aviation Museum. “It took a lot of convincing but the museum were gracious to allow the bride and groom to use the airplane”, explained their Canadian wedding photographer Elizabeth of ENV Photography. “Guests were assigned seats on a seating chart that mimicked the chart that you pick your seat from when booking your plane ticket! Prior to the groom walking down, his sons and daughter walked down the aisle and handed out cookies to all the guests – just like a real airline!”

After the ceremony, the couple and their wedding party had portraits taken on the plane as well as in the museum and on the high level bridge in Edmonton. The wedding had a modern, yellow theme which included the flowers, the stationery and the bride’s grandmother’s vintage areoplane embellished hankie (as the ‘something old’).

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