Slightly Damp but Oh-So-Gorgeous Engagement Session

Maura & John’s slightly damp, slightly vintage and more than slightly gorgeous engagement session is totally inspiring! I love how they incorporated the things they love into the shoot – they collect old schwinn bikes, love going for bike rides and are crazy about all things vintage/retro/antique so they used some antique china for a mini picnic setting. Cuteness.

Thanks to photographer Jill for sharing these today

Credit: Jill DeVries Photography


  1. Nicola (Simplep1xie)

    This is such a beautiful shoot which totally makes the most of the wet and soggy day and looks even better because of it, I think! The photographer has managed to make it look as if we have been made privy to this couple’s private loving moments while out for a bike ride and picnic in the country and looking so in love they don’t even notice the weather! Simply gorgeous pics of a simply gorgeous couple – not many girl’s could look that stunning when caught out in the rain!

  2. I totally adore this set of snaps. It’s so uncontrived, so natural and the couple look like they have more love for each other than all the stars in the sky!
    Beautiful 🙂

  3. This is so lovely, just shows that grey rainy days can be just as romantic as a sunny day in the park… and if I’m not mistaken that looks very much like a lovely vintage 1951 Ensign he is holding in the photo shots… love ’em, mine featured in our e-shoot and is still my favourite camera!

  4. Mostly

    Oh my!

    1. Number 33 is the cutest gosh-darn photo I have ever seen.

    2. Makes me feel less worried about rain on a wedding day! Talk about embracing the situation.


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