1950s Housewife Engagement – Tea, Cakes & Scrabble!

Alex & Claire’s retro, 50’s housewife engagement is aces! Not only because it was shot by one of my bestest wedding buddies, Emma Case but because it has tea, cakes and scrabble!

“Alex and Claire are getting married in August and Alex is my best friend’s boyfriend’s brother so I know them both pretty well and am ridiculously excited about their wedding as I know what our nights out are like when we all go out together!” Emma began to yell me excitedly. “A special treat is Claire’s wonderful rendition of “Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely” in a cockney accent…she’s actually very Northern (that’s usually nearer the end of the night).”
“Alex called me about a month back asking if we could do some pictures for their invites and that they had a few ideas (brilliant)…. I arrived at their house and they were both dressed in full 1950’s get up and had the table set ready for their photo shoot!  Love it!  They wanted to try and do the ‘1950’s how to be a good housewife’ thing and they really got in to it… I LOVE couples like that… no I really mean it… L..O..V..E!”

Thanks Emma Wemmy – I love.love.love it too!

Credit: Emma Case Photography


  1. Louise

    OK, I’m going to stick my neck out and be brave here. I don’t want to be negative. But this is the second retro engagement shoot that I have seen in a week, in which the woman is serving the man a drink. I am a feminist – but I also have a sense of humour. The first one made me feel uneasy. This one makes me uncomfortable. We are so far from equality. These retro shoots endorse a set of power relations that has not disappeared. And is it just me noticing that the boudoir shoots have changed from being playful to porn. I just saw one 10 seconds ago on a US site where the woman was fully naked. What is going on here? If we did have equality, these retro shots would be amusing. If they were flipped, and had the man taking on the woman’s traditionally subservient role, they would be playful. But if this is a new trend in engagment shoots, I see it as part of the Backlash. As women, I think that we need to be a whole lot better than this.

  2. well I think this shoot is fab!! I love the styling, the colours…..the cake especially! Emmas work is brilliant and I think she comes up with some great and imaginative ideas, for what can quite often be very dull, engagement shoots! Any couple having Emma shoot their wedding pictures are very lucky indeed!!………………………but hey what do I know I still make my husbands tea………but I refuse to iron his shirts!! xx

  3. I love the shoot as well – I wouldn’t mind posing for photos like this with my fiance probably because he is often the one who makes me tea and he defo irons his own shirts etc. To each her / his own I suppose… gotta love Emma’s work tho. x

  4. I think this is fabulously shot, wonderfully styled and full of humour.

    I find it quite disheartening that the irony is lost on some people. But each to their own.

  5. Rachel – you have gentley said what I couldn’t quite articulate – disheartening indeed!

    LOVE this shoot – the humour in Emma’s stuff is a big chunk of what makes it SO good (in my untrained opinion) that and the beautiful colours!

  6. Amy Georgina

    This is so gorgeous, so well shot too, well done Emma and congrats to the couple, so super cute!

  7. This is very, VERY cool! It oozes cool! Wonderful couple and superb photography! Did I mention how freakin’ cool this is..? Oh yeah, I did. Can’t wait to see the wedding shots.

    Ditto to Rachel.

  8. Beccie

    I absolutely love these pics!!!! They’re gorgeous. I absolutely don’t see any issues regarding equality, or that these photos represent an unequal power balance. There is a massive trend at the moment towards vintage and retro clothes, home decoration (and as we’ve seen here) engagement and wedding shoots. This is an aesthetic choice, not a lifestyle choice! These photos aren’t a documentary – they are tongue in cheek. The fact that most people can see these photos for what they are, as an ironic twist on 1950’s imagery, suggests that in fact we have moved on massively, as this is no longer seen as the norm.

    Lets keep to the point – this is a wedding blog. These photos are a gorgeous keepsake for an amazing couple who are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. Well done emma – we all love them! 🙂

  9. Mark

    Great production values, a lovely aesthetic, and a skilful recreation of a bygone era.
    But in my heart of hearts I agree with Louise (the first poster), the shoot theme makes me uncomfortable.

    It’s not about not “getting” irony. To put it in perspective, how amused would we be and how far would we feel we’d come if this was depicting inequality based on racial stereotypes? The fact many or most people don’t sense this, is indicative of how far we have to go not how far we’ve come.

    @Beccie, yes this is a wedding blog which makes it more to the point. Issues like this permeate our culture and where change is needed we have to call it out whenever it occurs.

    To the couple in the photos, I’m sure you went into the lovely shoot with the best intentions and you have some wonderful photos, and are obviously well adjusted with respect to power dynamics else the shoot itself would be unlikely, but I just hope you understand why others can have the views we’ve expressed. This site is after all about people bucking conservatism and exhibiting a certain rebelliousness!

  10. Jade

    I love Emma’s work! And really, when you look at the bigger picture (excuse the pun), these are the photos of a couple in love-it’s their love to do whatever they want with, and I’m sure they couldn’t give a monkeys about whether you approve of their pictures. This is a place to celebrate and share love, marriage and all that comes with it, not to criticise or air your views. Just saying’.


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