Lydia & Zonte. Cool as F***

July 10, 2010

Wow, hello beautiful people! Lydia & Zonte may well be one of the coolest couples I’ve seen in ages. Lydia is South Korean (and must be a model I swear!) and Zonte is a dancer. They live in Kansas City, Missouri but are getting married in South Korea on August 7th.

I seriously can’t wait to see this wedding – if these engagement shots are anything to go by it’s going to be one cool ass wedding! Do I have the coolest readers or WHAT!?!?!

(be sure to also check out Zonte dancing in the awesome/cute/funny little video after the ‘jump’)

Thanks to Lydia (Pebbles!) & Zonte(Jiggles!) for sharing their awesomeness with us today.

Credit:  Kassia Photography

quick clip // zonte bustin’ a move from kassia on Vimeo.