Tickled Pink Wedding with a Drag Queen Celebrant

The Springles

December 21, 2023

Laura and Nick’s summer wedding was a laid-back celebration which featured a riot of colour, with a particular emphasis on Laura’s favourite – pink. From a non-traditional celebrant to diverse bridal party attire and a surprise drag performance, this couple embraced their individuality and created a day that truly reflected their personalities and tastes.

The couple found inspiration in the vibrant aesthetics of the 1970s – bright colours with fun festival vibes, but given a modern twist. “While we were looking for inspiration, we found we were drawn to the bright colours and fonts of festival posters from the 1970s”, Laura said. “We wanted to embrace that but without making the day explicitly a 70s theme. I have pink hair and love pink, so we ended up with a lot of pink in the colour palette!”

The bridesfolks and groomsmen were also given the freedom to wear whatever they wanted, resulting in a diverse and colourful array of outfits. The couple encouraged their bridal party to express their individual styles within a loose colour palette.

Maria Hurtz, a drag queen celebrant, brought charisma and a personal touch to the ceremony. The couple kept Maria’s identity a secret until the big day, surprising even their bridal party! Laura walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Originally the plan was for one of the groomsmen to play it live, however unfortunately he tested positive for Covid the day before and wasn’t able to attend.

The couple embraced DIY projects to add all a personal touches to their wedding. Thrifted items from Facebook groups became table décor and centrepieces, including birdcages, lanterns and vinyl record covers. Laura’s creative talents were on display as she designed the table plan using coloured card, wrapping paper and a large mirror mounted on an easel.

Laura and Nick offer valuable advice to future engaged couples – that there’s no ‘right’ way to do a wedding. “It’s about what’s right for you”, they said. “Take some time to think about what’s going to be most important to you on the day (and after). There were quite a few things we initially deliberated over or considered buying until we realised they were things we and our guests probably wouldn’t notice or remember in the grand scheme of things. Also, don’t automatically book a registrar for the ceremony! Consider if a celebrant makes more sense for you. Celebrant ceremonies aren’t currently legally binding in England, so we got legally married a few days before our ‘real’ wedding.”